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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Entered in TikTok Presence


SCREENSHOT Media is a next-generation new media company dedicated to delivering easily digestible and relatable content to Gen Z. Our TikTok account, @SCREENSHOThq, is the epitome of this mission, providing our core demographic with content that resonates with them, presented in formats they prefer. Through engaging videos, we explore viral moments, discuss trending topics, and leverage the latest formats to create accessible content for our 18-24-year-old audience.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional media struggles to connect with younger audiences across multiple platforms. SCREENSHOT Media addresses this challenge by offering clarity to Gen Z, ensuring they receive the content they desire, regardless of where they consume their news. Our TikTok account is a comprehensive source of cultural insights, compelling street interviews, and real-time news that mirrors the ongoing conversations within the Gen Z online community. Our goal is to not only inform but also educate and captivate 18-24-year-olds.

Our strategic approach revolves around a deep understanding of TikTok's dynamic nature and its diverse user base. By utilising native formats and tapping into the latest news and cultural trends, we deliver high-quality content that resonates with our audience and seamlessly integrates into their For You Page. Unlike traditional news platforms, we avoid patronising content, opting instead to unpack topical news in a relatable manner, presenting it through a fresh and engaging lens. Our mission is to keep Gen Z both informed and entertained, bridging the gap between news consumption and the preferences of the modern digital audience.

Strategy and Execution

Bringing SCREENSHOT Media's TikTok project to life involved a strategic approach that differentiated us from traditional media outlets. Unlike the "one size fits all" approach we’ve often seen legacy media take, we recognised the importance of tailoring content to TikTok's unique features and the diverse interests within our target audience. Our plan of action began with a comprehensive understanding of our key audience—Gen Z. By tapping into proprietary data and insights from a panel of 6,000 18-24-year-olds, we gained valuable information about their preferences and behaviours. This informed our content creation strategy, ensuring hyper-relevance to the Gen Z audience. For instance, knowing that 18% prefer creative TikTok videos and 24% prefer funny videos guided our content choices.


To address the varied news and interests of our TikTok audience, we introduced four recurring series on top of our daily content. These series are designed to be socially native and exclusive to TikTok, utilising native features, specific editing techniques, and music choices that resonate with the platform's culture.


The series include:


By organising content into specific series optimised for particular topic categories, we not only enhance our brand identity but also build authority on key topics within the Gen Z discourse. Each series serves as a go-to source for our audience, ensuring that @SCREENSHOThq becomes their primary destination for news stories. This approach not only meets the preferences of our audience but also positions us as a reliable and engaging source for diverse and relevant content.


Throughout the execution of our project, we’ve also focused on maintaining the delicate balance between serious news coverage and lighthearted, trending content. By leveraging insights, staying true to TikTok's platform dynamics, and continuously refining our content strategy based on audience feedback, we successfully carved out a unique space for SCREENSHOT Media on TikTok. Our commitment to being socially native and relevant has allowed us to establish a strong connection with Gen Z, making SCREENSHOT Media a standout player in the new media landscape.


Since the launch of our TikTok page in mid-2021, @SCREENSHOThq has consistently achieved remarkable results, aligning with our team's objectives and marking our efforts as a resounding success. Our total follower count has soared to over 381K, steadily increasing daily, reflecting a substantial and sustained growth trajectory.


This success is further underscored by an impressive engagement rate of 5.39%, surpassing the TikTok average by 30% (4.15%). This heightened engagement is a testament to our tailored content strategy that resonates with our audience, keeping them actively involved and interested.


The accumulation of over 28 million likes on our TikTok account is a clear indication that our content goes beyond mere visibility – it is fully absorbed and acknowledged by our audience. This metric speaks to the quality and relevance of our content, capturing the attention and approval of viewers rather than being scrolled past.


Crucially, our audience demographics reinforce the success of our content strategy. With 64.3% of our audience falling within the 18-24 age bracket and an additional 20.4% in the 25-35 range, our objective of actively engaging and informing younger audiences has been resoundingly achieved. Our TikTok platform serves as a vital space where news becomes more accessible, meeting the preferences and needs of the younger demographic.


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