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Saffola 40 under 40- A TOI Initiative

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There are many heart-related risks when you are around the age of 30-40, and these risks increase due to our lifestyle. Therefore, Saffola an oil brand who's key focus has been health of it's consumers, created this IP called Saffola 40 under 40.

An initiative where 10 different Radio Jockeys and influencers embarked on a 2-month transformational journey to achieve a healthier version of themselves, inspiring their regular followers through their journey to take that one healthy step for a healthy heart and body!

Why have the diseases of a 40 year old and above before you reach that age!


10 weeks prior to WORLD HEART DAY

Saffola and Mirchi, one of India's leading Radio Network, got together to execute the most transformational health journey!

We made 100 transformational videos of 10 different RJs and influencers taking One healthy step daily! Did we put internet on fire with Naved’s Murga (Popular Indian Prank Video) about health? WE DID!

SAFFOLA 40 under 40 a TOI initiative was a 10-week hectic campaign to bring out change in the society by showing that even small steps can bring about big changes and how important it Is to take care of your health! 

10 of our MIRCHI RJs + Influencers checked their Saffola lifestyle score (A microsite created for this campaign), which gave them an indication of the changes they need to make to reverse their flawed lifestyles. This was then consulted with a nutritionist who custom made 10 different challenges for 10 weeks.

For the next 10 weeks, Mirchi social media pages and airwaves flooded with 100 of videos and conversations around this initiative- where we saw our RJs and influencers taking healthy challenges and motivating others to do the same.

This event concluded on World Heart Day, where we compiled these videos, packed into a powerful AV with an even powerful message for a healthy heart! So that it touched hearts, quite literally! We also concluded this on-air with  an exclusive interview with the CMO of Marico, the visionary behind it all!


As a cumulative number on social media of the RJs+ Influencers and the Saffola brand handles,

Average Engagement rate: 4.5%  with cumulative 1M views still counting with 95468 likes still counting.

Apart from this, Ten influencers underwent a transformative journey for three months, focusing on improving their health.

Selected Results:

1. Prerna: Initial Weight - 82 Kgs, Current Weight - 77 Kgs

2. Prateek: Initial Weight - 84 Kgs, Current Weight - 78 Kgs

3. Shardul Pandit: Initial Weight - 78 Kgs, Current Weight - 74 Kgs


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Entertainment Network India Limited, Marico Limited


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