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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

RSH Street Art Festival

Entered in Social Good Campaign


The festival was conceived with a vision to transform urban landscapes into a canvas of cultural expression and community engagement. It aimed to showcase the diversity and transformative power of street art, bringing together a blend of styles and techniques from both local and international artists. This initiative sought to bridge the gap between different artistic practices, creating a melting pot of creativity. Additionally, the festival focused on engaging the community and enhancing the urban aesthetic, turning overlooked spaces into vibrant areas of artistic display and expression. A key aspect was the involvement of the public through interactive and educational activities, fostering a sense of collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Strategy and Execution

The festival emerged as a beacon of cultural dynamism, blending artistic brilliance with community transformation. It masterfully curated a diverse array of local and international street artists, creating a vibrant showcase of various styles and techniques. This not only celebrated the richness of artistic diversity but also bridged the gap between different art communities. Revitalizing overlooked urban spaces, the event turned them into hubs of creativity and beauty, fostering community pride and a sense of ownership. The festival's interactive workshops, lectures, and performances engaged the public, creating an environment where collaboration and knowledge sharing flourished. The permanence of selected artworks by local and international artists, installed in various city locations in Riyadh and Jeddah, reinforced the festival's lasting impact. These artworks now contribute to the city's cultural landscape, serving as enduring symbols of the event's commitment to enhancing art and culture and empowering the community. Through these endeavors, the festival transcended its initial goals, transforming into a legacy of cultural enrichment and community engagement that resonates far beyond its temporal bounds.


The festival marked an extraordinary achievement in media reach and social media impact, garnering significant global attention. Featured in 657 publications spanning 27 countries and presented in five languages, it reached an impressive audience of 398 million people worldwide. This extensive coverage showcased the festival's highlights and stories in renowned publications like Bazaar, Esquire, and List, emphasizing its international significance. On social media, the festival resonated deeply, with 264 posts amassing over 8.5 million views. This robust online engagement highlighted the festival's ability to captivate and connect with a diverse audience, sparking widespread interest and conversations across various platforms. This substantial reach, both in traditional media and online, not only showcased the festival's broad appeal but also its impact as a major cultural event​.

Photo credits:

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3328832-Zeinab  Al mahoozi, Candy Without Sugar,  Riyadh Visual Aris Commission, Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia

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Entrant Company / Organization Name

TAIT, Ministry of Culture, The Saudi Visual Arts Commission

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