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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Remember to Live - Introducing Viceroy Hotels to the Masses

Entered in Paid & Amplification


We were tasked with launching a paid social media strategy for Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. Our goal was to leverage Meta, LinkedIn, and TikTok to craft a full-funnel campaign to drive direct revenue from August 2023 - January 2024. This was a full funnel campaign, so we were looking to do a lot - build awareness & increase followers, send qualified traffic to the website & encourage engagement on social platforms, and drive direct conversions for all of the brands' properties. We also wanted to keep our cost per conversion as low as possible to get our client the most for their spend. 

Strategy and Execution

We brought our strategy to life by creating seasonal ad creative every three months, featuring the most impressive video and photography from the brand’s archive. We wanted to highlight the breadth of their locations, bespoke architecture, cultural heritage, and the brand's Remember to Live ethos to inspire guests to book directly. The challenge was constantly re-inventing the creative with the same assets to keep it feeling fresh as there was no budget for a campaign shoot. We also knew that we would be competing against other luxury hotel brands, many of which were much larger and with bigger budgets. 

We executed the campaigns by using LinkedIn and TikTok as awareness drivers, and Meta for engagement, traffic, and the retargeted conversion campaign. The media buying focused on a highly targeted luxury travel audience, vs a broad approach to ensure that our audience was well qualified. Within this strategic plan we successfully launched two campaigns, one promoting Cyber Sale and another for the Festive Season, which greatly supported our overall results in addition to our evergreen and seasonal ads.  

Here is the funnel breakdown we implemented:

Post Engagements - We engaged users by boosting all posts to luxury travel affinities and lookalike versions of our engaged audience. 

Traffic - We drove qualified traffic to seasonal landing pages by retargeting engaged users from social, and also through cold lookalike targeting of past purchases.

Conversion Ads - In this final stage, we retargeted website visitors with our top-performing offers to drive direct revenue. 



The launch of our full-funnel paid social media campaign for Viceroy Hotels resulted in over 350 direct purchases and a ROAS of 23.8. The cost per conversion in our conversion campaign lowered from $55/purchase in 2023 to $26/purchase in January 2024. As the average cpc for luxury hotels in 2024 is typically $59/purchase, this resulted in a 56% lower cost per result than the average. During this campaign we also earned 9,588,475 Impressions1,520,060 post engagements, and 160,005 link clicks. The brand Instagram grew by 164% while Facebook increased by 118%.


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Persephone Social, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts


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