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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Red Sea International Film Festival

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This global festival was a celebration of untold stories, diversity, women and youth empowerment within the film industry, offering captivating workshops, including the art of film scoring, nurturing budding composers. It actively supported emerging talent through initiatives like the Red Sea Souk Awards, providing crucial support to 26 projects by directors from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and Africa. The festival boasted such stars as Sharon Stone and Halle Berry, and Will Smith, who engaged in a captivating Vox chat where he generously shared encouragement with a talented young Palestinian filmmaker. Beyond cinema, the festival reshaped cultural narratives, nurtured a dynamic and inclusive film community and provided developing artistes with a forum for engagement, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape worldwide. At the festival's heart was the innovative Festival Garden, a dynamic communal space promoting community and exploration, with a futuristic linear design offering visitors unique daily experiences.

Strategy and Execution

Designed to captivate a wide-ranging audience, the RSIFF delivered an extraordinary cinematic experience. With a showcase of 125 total films from 75 countries, including 26 Saudi films, the festival celebrated the diversity of global storytelling. It featured 33 world premieres, adding to the festival's prestige. The festival's commitment to gender diversity was evident, with 38 female directors presenting their work, adding unique perspectives to the cinematic landscape. The festival also served as a developmental hub, offering 16 in-conversations, enriching attendees with insights from industry leaders. The feature jury, comprising Baz Luhrmann, Joel Kinnaman, Paz Vega, Freida Pinto, and Amina Khalil, and the shorts jury led by Fatih Akin and Assaad Bouab, added an element of esteemed critique to the event. With 19 galas and a selection of Middle Eastern and North African premieres, the festival became a key event for showcasing regional talent and nurturing cinematic art.

We had three months to bring this monumental endeavor to life. Swiftly moving into production, our team started on-site work by early November, culminating in a grand opening on November 30. This colossal project involved a massive team of 491 members, demonstrating the scale and dedication behind the festival. We constructed two movie theaters from the ground up and activated seven theaters at Vox, providing a diverse range of cinematic experiences. The festival's heart was the futuristic Festival Garden, measuring an impressive 166'x152', where film, music, and cuisine brought together attendees from varied cultures. This vibrant space, along with appearances by stars like Will Smith, Chris Hemsworth, and Gwyneth Paltrow, fostered connections between Arab and global film professionals, igniting inspiration in new filmmakers.


The convergence of 300 esteemed film talents transformed the RSIFF into a key networking and collaborative hub in the film industry. This influence was mirrored in the festival's global reach, with its video content attracting 182.7 million views, showcasing its widespread appeal. The festival's digital campaign amplified this success, generating 554.1 million impressions and engaging 22.01 million people. Online, the festival was overwhelmingly well-received, with 98% positive or neutral feedback, indicating broad acceptance.

The festival's media footprint extended significantly, reaching 1.15 billion through 9,315 articles and 5,390 social media mentions and 19K media mentions, emphasizing its expansive influence. A strong digital allure was evident, drawing 1.1 million visitors and retaining 108,000 users on its website. The impressive ticket sales, totaling 47,215, and the sale of 93 Film Buff Bundles underscored the festival's strong audience engagement, solidifying the RSIFF's position as a remarkable and impactful event in the entertainment sphere.


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Tait, Red Sea Film Foundation


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