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Red Lobster: Lobster & Shrimp Celebration / Shirley Cesar TV

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The holiday season is a time for celebration, marked by indulgent traditional foods and gatherings with friends and fam. The only problem: people have been stuck on repeat for so long, that they may not be thinking about lobster and shrimp as playing a role in the decadent holiday flavors they crave. We needed to prove that Red Lobster’s unique and fun seafood twists on traditional dishes don’t just satisfy their cravings, but take them up a notch or two. From brioche-topped shrimp to lobster and shrimp with an orange-rosemary holiday sauce, and let’s not forget the Cheddar Bay Stuffing, Red Lobster was well-positioned to take holiday meals to the next level. 


Our strategy leaned into a relatable truth: that while the holidays are full of delicious flavors, they are nothing if not repetitive. Meal after meal of heavy meat, poultry, pork, and a heavy side of carbs… As tasty as it is, after weeks of the same heavy, savory, land-food-led palette, we all crave ways to freshen things up. Enter: Red Lobster’s Lobster & Shrimp Celebration. We needed to invite casual diners to remix the holiday flavors.

What better way to do a remix of holiday flavors than by partnering with the iconic gospel singer and creator of ‘greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes’... Pastor Shirley Caesar? Indeed, her iconic celebration of holiday food in her famous Thanksgiving sermon famously listing off these popular dishes was later remixed into a viral song that people couldn’t stop sharing, year after year after year. 

To bring this partnership to life, we reimagined Pastor Caesar's original lyrics and recorded the gospel legend for the brand's new TV and social executions, with Caesar passionately calling out the delicious details in the new Red Lobster holiday menu.

The 'We Got It' spot came to life on a number of channels:



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