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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Rascal + Friends #1 Diaper Brand on TikTok

Audience Honor in TikTok Presence


The @rascalandfriends TikTok has evolved as a driving force in our marketing strategy and a key avenue for connecting with our customers and community. As a category disrupter built on the foundation of a social and digital strategy, we aimed to differentiate ourselves from other traditional, big-player brands; in a space that was largely untapped by competitors. Being early adopters to the platform, our strategy began by capitalising on shifting consumer engagement to TikTok, and recognising this as an opportunity to meet parents where we knew they were interacting. In doing so, we set about to shape the standard for how we engage with audiences and pioneer content. Through utilising grassroots tactics, prioritizing exceptional customer service, and creating authentic, unfiltered content designed to resonate with our target audience, we cemented our identity as the big-little brand that can relate to and entertain parents. We strived to connect with both current customers through engaging product and conversion-led content, and ‘future demand’ individuals likely to enter the market in the future, through tongue-and-cheek, pop-culturally relevant content that encapsulates our brand personality. Given the nature of the diaper category, dominated by household brands like Pampers and Huggies, our strategy has been particularly crucial to proactively raise awareness among potential future parents and disrupt the default purchase choices in the market. Ultimately, we’ve sought to revolutionize engagement in the unconventionally engaging category of diapers, and consequentially plant the brand in topic of conversation and excitement; within and beyond the category.

Strategy and Execution

The Rascal + Friends TikTok strategy is a key component of our marketing mix, used to run paid full-funnel campaigns, collaborate with creators, promote experimental user-generated content, and continually optimise for best performance. The account has evolved to educate, and first and foremost – to entertain. This approach to our TikTok channel blends tongue-and-cheek humour, pop culture relevance and community engagement, to captivate existing and potential customers.  

Our viral team ‘Billboard’ series concept begun as a spin off our NY Times Square billboard video, featuring the Rascal + Friends marketing team not being able to afford OOH advertising so instead ideating unconventional, budget ideas to market their premium diapers and wipes. Upon record-levels of engagement and inundation of thousands of comments praising ‘the R+F Marketing team’, this evolved into a 23-part ‘spoof’ series of scrappy content with instalments being inspired by and produced within itself. Designed to entertain, build brand awareness and bring our witty brand tone of voice to life, our team continually construct the narrative with video responses to comments. In appreciation of our marketing tactics, this prompted hundreds of job applications, reaching a ‘future demand’ audience who were engaged despite not being a parent in the diaper category, and even inspired other brands to copy and credit the billboard concepts e.g. Joe & The Juice.  

Some of our best videos from the 'Buying a Billboard' Series

Our agile marketing and customer service team relentlessly drive product trial and engage with influencers, content creators, and public figures. We incentivize creators to produce platform-native content that captures attention and showcases our diapers' superior performance. Our pivotal strategy involves in-store content at our exclusive retailer (Walmart), community-led giveaways and the viral 'Pour Test', encouraging users to demonstrate product absorbency. Top-performing assets are curated and shared across our channels, harnessing third-party creativity and credibility to effectively drive sales.  

However, as visibility and virality on TikTok surge, so do challenges. Prioritizing personable community management becomes paramount, requiring careful handling of customer interactions for a seamless journey. Additionally, our adaptable 'fire bullets' mentality, aimed at staying relevant, may subject the brand to scrutiny amid trending conversations. Despite these challenges, our dedication to innovation and customer engagement remains top priority. 


Rascal + Friends have generated phenomenal traction and hyper-engagement in an unconventionally engaging category, becoming the #1 liked and followed diaper brand on TikTok and been accredited by other brand accounts for content concepts. This has also proven successful in generating awareness and driving sales in a category with transitory customer lifecycles, where customers are constantly entering and providing an opportunity for acquisition. 

Specific results from our ‘Buying a Billboard’ series:


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Rascal + Friends


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