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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

SCREAM VI - Theatrical Release

Entered in TikTok Presence


In the latest SCREAM installment, the four survivors of the most recent hometown horrors leave Woodsboro behind to start anew in New York City. Unfortunately for our core four, they can’t hide from their past as the infamous “Ghostface” once again returns, slicing his way through the big apple. In Scream VI, Ghostface is more dangerous than ever, unleashed in the big city where anyone can die, and the rules no longer apply. 

To excite new and existing fans of SCREAM, Paramount tapped QYOU to generate mass awareness, engagement and anticipation  for Scream VI via a large scale, short form video campaign on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube featuring top Creators, custom creative and in-house production. With this 27 year old franchise, Paramount was challenged to make the  marketing around the film carry the same themes but not be “spoofy” as well as keep the ideas fresh and exciting to draw in the coveted Gen Z audience. Having collaborated with Paramount on the last film in the series, QYOU was well-positioned to step out of Woodsboro and into New York with Scream VI.


Strategy and Execution

We strategically identified and partnered with Creators to produce interactive, bespoke content that leaned into the film’s key themes, locations and characters, including the infamous “Ghostface.” The campaign featured unique creative executions that all funneled into the overall campaign creative, “Ghostface Unleashed” in which the film’s recurrent character was “unleashed” on NYC to terrorize unsuspecting creators. Ghostface infiltrated their worlds and skillfully killed Creators off, one by one, establishing the notion that Ghostface is ubiquitous, keeping audiences engaged and terrified in one "swipe."  

Aligned with the “Ghostface Unleashed” theme, QYOU and Paramount additionally teamed up with “Ocky” (aka @rah_money1), to create an original four-part series featuring the Brooklyn Bodega legend’s bloody run-in with Ghostface. The audience was taken along for the ride to watch on TikTok as Ghostface stalked Ocky and infiltrated his very own “Red Hook Food” bodega. To tease the hunt, comments from “Ghostface” were strategically posted throughout the creator’s page, fostering intrigue among fans, which culminated in the “demise” of the beloved Brooklyn legend. The entire story was chronicled on both the @screammovies account and the creator’s own page. 

Ghostface additionally found his way into the “FYP” via several well-known creators to showcase Scream VI within their individual brands. For example, our collab with Karen Thi (@bakersmanncookies, 2.2M Followers) yielded some eerily accurate looking Ghosface cookies and Gabriel DeSanti (@gabriel.desant, 1M Followers) encountered Ghostface in a back alley while Ted Zhar (@tedzhar, 728K followers)  followed actor Mason Gooding around during his daily routine in his “What do you do for a living?” series. Recent Streamy Award winner “Recider” showed us and his 4M followers that there is “no place to hide” from Ghostface – even in New York City – and Eliana Ghen (@elianaghen, 10.3M Followers) had to hide from Ghostface as he stalked her in her own house! Even EllaDoesVFX (4.2M Followers) used her amazing makeup skills to actually transform herself into Ghostface (talk about nowhere to hide!).



The “Ocky” original series showcased how QYOU Studios has a unique ability to produce, and program elevated Creator content,  keeping audiences engaged across Creator and Brand social channels. It led to a total of 5.1M+ views (8.2M+ across all platforms), 618K+ engagements and an ER of 12.04% on TikTok (Benchmark: 3 -4%).

Overall , the entire campaign (16 Creators, 36 posts) generated 17.5M+ views, 1.9M+ engagements, a 10.83% ER and 145K+ clicks directly to the ticketing site, resulting in an overall CTR of 2.48% which comes in at nearly 3x the platform benchmark of .87%. 

In its opening weekend, Scream VI was #1 at the Box Office, setting a franchise record with a $67M debut at global box office with 42% of the audience in the key 18-24 demographic.

Our content created an overwhelming amount of intrigue for Scream VI through original creative and the strategic use of key characters, talent and themes from the franchise.


Video for SCREAM VI - Theatrical Release

Entrant Company / Organization Name

QYOU Media, Paramount Pictures


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