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Polar Live in Roblox: The ‘Happier Than Ever’ Metaverse Concert

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Polar, a virtual pop star and trailblazer in the metaverse, has been captivating audiences worldwide with her innovative approach to music and performance. With her debut in October 2021 in the metaverse game Avakin Life, Polar has become a symbol of the fusion between the virtual and physical worlds, especially in the gaming and music industries.

Continuing and expanding these successful metaverse concerts, we wanted to take her next concert, the ‘Happier Than Ever’ concert, to the next level by partnering with Roblox and collaborating with an AAA game developer, Kokku.

Our objectives were:

  1. Pioneer Interactive Experiences: Extend Polar's successful presence in the metaverse, with the 'Happier Than Ever' concert in Club Blox on Roblox aiming to capitalize on this established foundation, enhancing the immersive virtual concert format and further engaging her audience in the gaming and metaverse worlds through community challenges and mini-games.
  2. Achieve Significant Digital Reach and Awareness: Aim for widespread digital awareness of the 'Happier Than Ever' concert, targeting both existing fans and new audiences across various online platforms.
  3. Establish High Player Engagement and Retention: Focus on creating a metaverse event that captivates players, encouraging high engagement and revisits as a reflection of strong interest and continuous interaction with the event.

Use Conversion Rate as a Success Indicator: Utilize the conversion rate for Polar-specific in-game items as a key measure of the event's success. Aim to surpass the 2% benchmark for similar genre games on Roblox, indicating effective engagement and monetization of the audience.


Our Overall Strategy:

Our strategy for Polar's 'Happier Than Ever' concert in Roblox's Club Blox was an intricate blend of cutting-edge virtual design and interactive content creation, tailored to immerse fans in a groundbreaking metaverse experience by focusing on engaging, personalized interactions and extending Polar's digital influence across diverse online communities.

  1. Virtual Arena Design and Technical Expertise: We crafted a unique virtual concert experience by merging Kokku's AAA game development skills with innovative design elements in Roblox's Club Blox. The focus was on creating an immersive and technically advanced arena that aligned with Polar's artistic vision and provided an engaging experience for Roblox users.
  2. Comprehensive Cross-Platform Promotion: Polar's concert stood out due to our extensive digital marketing campaign across various platforms. By leveraging social media, online advertisements, and community networks, we aimed to attract a wide range of audiences, ensuring substantial visibility and reach for the event.
  3. Integration of Exclusive Music and Brand Essence: The concert featured Polar's new, exclusive hits within Roblox, carefully integrating her distinct brand identity into the virtual environment. This strategy was crucial in providing a unique musical journey that was authentically Polar while expanding her brand's reach in the metaverse.
  4. Enhancing Engagement with Interactive Elements and Community Building: We introduced interactive components such as mini-games and challenges within the concert space, coupled with a 'Meet and Greet' area for deeper fan interaction. These features were designed not just for entertainment but to cultivate a community atmosphere, encouraging connection and engagement among attendees.
  5. Global Accessibility and Inclusivity: Recognizing the global nature of Roblox's audience, the concert was made continuously accessible, allowing fans from various time zones to join the event at their convenience. This inclusivity ensured that no matter where the audience was located, they could experience the concert in a way that felt personalized and convenient for them.


Technical and Creative Harmonization: One of the major challenges was harmonizing Polar's artistic vision with the technical possibilities of Roblox. This involved numerous iterations and close collaboration between the creative and technical teams to ensure a coherent and engaging user experience.

Audience Engagement: With a platform as vast and diverse as Roblox, capturing and maintaining user attention was a challenge. We overcame this by integrating various interactive elements that resonated with the audience's preferences, such as the Totem Tower Challenge and personalized 'Meet and Greet' sessions.


Through this strategy and unique approach to audience engagement, we set out to further revolutionize the metaverse experience with Polar's 'Happier Than Ever' concert. By focusing on interactive design, personalized fan engagement, and leveraging the robust capabilities of Roblox, our campaign aimed to create an immersive musical journey that transcends traditional digital boundaries. 

This endeavor was not just about showcasing Polar's musical talent but also about setting new standards in virtual concert experiences, emphasizing the power of creative innovation and audience interaction in the evolving and expanding potential of the metaverse and its capabilities.


Polar’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ concert, which ran from December 12th to 18th 2023, achieved remarkable success:


  1. Pioneer Interactive Experiences: Our innovative approach to combining music with interactive gaming elements effectively engaged and captivated the audience. 

Integrating features like mini-games and the Totem Tower Challenge within the Roblox platform demonstrated our ability to innovate and enhance the immersive virtual concert format.


  1. Digital Reach and Awareness: The digital campaign for the concert generated a remarkable 5 million impressions. 

This achievement underscores the campaign's wide-reaching impact, highlighting Polar's extensive digital influence and aligning with our objective to expand her presence across diverse online communities.


  1. High Player Engagement and Retention: The event experienced significant player engagement, evidenced by an average revisit rate of almost 2.5 times per player. 

This high level of engagement and retention reflects our strategic focus on creating an immersive and continuously accessible concert, appealing to a global audience and offering a personalized experience for each attendee.


  1. Effective Conversion Rates: For sales of Polar’s tailored in-game items, we surpassed the 2% benchmark for conversion rates in similar genre games, demonstrating the event's effectiveness in engaging and monetizing the audience. 

This result aligns with our goal of using conversion rates as a key measure of success, showcasing the event's appeal and its capability to generate interest and sales.

Overall, these results highlight the effectiveness of our innovative blend of music and gaming in the metaverse, emphasizing the power of creative innovation and audience interaction in shaping a successful virtual concert experience.


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