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Peacocking on Social

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In a category that’s overwhelming blue, Peacock is unapologetically colorful 🌈🦚 

Our 2023 social ambition was to challenge ourselves to live up to that brand promise every day, on every channel 🎯 This meant showing up in a way that only we could and that others couldn’t help but follow along – fostering an engaged community, sparking positive response, and ultimately, breaking through culturally.  

We set ambitious stretch targets in every major KPI to further this ambition and we overhauled our social practice from top-to-bottom to achieve it.  


👋 Reintroducing ourselves.  

When your name is Peacock, people expect a big brand personality (and online persona to match!) that comes through authentically in every medium:  

✖️ No carbon copying.  

Every channel has a unique role in our cross-platform ecosystem and is programmed accordingly, ensuring the right message hits the right audience at the right time. We built platform playbooks that both ground our pursuits and function as living/breathing documents so we can nimbly react to platform and industry changes. And while we have an overarching brand design language, we also aim to design unique content per platform. 

⚖️ Social is an art AND a science.  

We pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse of trends -- and our hands in all kinds of data -- to ensure we’re on our A game. From content to editorial to campaigns, we shoot to be as reactive and experimental as possible, and we’re not afraid to take big swings (The 1st brand to do full episode sampling on TikTok? That was us!). 

👑 Video is king.  

The internet still loves a good meme (who doesn’t?!), but we prioritized video in 2023. TikTok went long, YouTube went short, and Instagram doubled down on Reels, so we followed suit, shifting our production resourcing to account for increased volumes in both 9x16 and 16x9 formats. We added flair to our captioning, hyper-optimized 1st frames and thumbnails, and ensured SEO-thinking and user discoverability anchored our TikTok content.  


Triple digit YoY growth across three major social KPIs 📈  

  1.7 Billion Organic Video Views (+156% YoY from 632M in 2022)  

✅  1.9 Billion Organic Impressions (+187% YoY from 660M in 2022)  

✅  99 Million Organic Engagements (+264% YoY from 27M in 2022)  

👥  2.3 Million New Followers, landing us at a 5.8M cross-platform footprint (TT, YT, IG, FB, X) up +66% from 2022’s 3.5M. 

PLUS... amongst our competitive set, we had the highest content response rate and the 2nd highest follower growth rate, according to ListenFirst 💪 


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