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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Panasonic’s Tik Tok Series: The Lab

Finalist in Instructional Video


Panasonic and IMGN were tasked to bring the breadth of Panasonic's technological prowess and sustainability efforts of their Green Impact Campaign to life for potential customers and employees on TikTok in a way that felt natural and engaging to the platform. The challenge was that most B2B stories can be too technical, scientific or brand-comms-heavy to appeal to larger audiences, especially on social media. To overcome this, the team aimed to distill Panasonic's messaging into something understandable and personable.

Strategy and Execution

Together, the partners decided to bring Panasonic’s tagline of "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow" to life on TikTok by showcasing how their innovative technology solves problems in people's lives and helps make the world a more sustainable place to live…in a way that IMGN knew would work on TikTok. The strategy was executed by developing a signature "anchor" content series that was recognizable and repeatable, using the format to tell the message simply and in a way that grounds the technology in our everyday lives. This is where the Flagship Series "The Lab" was created. Filmed and presented in a manner native to the platform, a woman in a white lab coat guides viewers down a rabbit hole of an interesting fact, puzzling question or surprising outcome related to the field of science and technology. Using TikTok tools such as the Green Screen filter which superimposes the host on top of the video, combined with a natural storyteller front and center, the content feels accessible, earnest, light-hearted and interesting. This also creates the perfect motivation to introduce B-roll footage, screenshots, screen recordings and other image sources that are inherently very platform native. All of this is supported by a repeatable format for engaging short-form content.


Since the launch of “The Lab”, IMGN has been able to create 29 unique videos that covered many topics near and dear to Panasonic’s ethos of "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow”, such as EV Batteries, Solar Panels, Air Purifiers, renewable Energy and much more. The 29 videos have lived across all of Panasonic’s social channels garnering over 19M Video Views, 240K Engagements.


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IMGN Media, Panasonic


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