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Pampers Blowout Barrier

Entered in Integrated Campaign


Drive awareness of the new Pampers Blowout Barrier technology, a back-waist cuff, for Flagship Swaddlers product. 

With this innovation to their product, the brand set out to create awareness that blowout barrier technology would turn parents’ dread of leaks and blowouts into peace of mind that comes with Pampers. Preventing 100% of leaks, including blowouts.  


Challenge: With Pampers as an established household diaper name consumers are familiar with the flagship product, but Pampers needed to create awareness of what the Blowout Barrier technology is, and the product benefits.  

Insight: To accomplish this awareness, the brand leaned into a universal truth of parenting. As a parent, leaks, especially blowouts, cause chaos. They could happen anytime, both in the least expected and expected moments. Parents just wish there was a way they didn’t happen at all. A visual that comes with this universal truth of this chaos is the recognizable “poo face” the face your baby makes before a dirty diaper. With Pampers Blowout Barrier, parents no longer have to fear the poo face, and potential for the leaks to come.   

Execution: One of the scariest times for parents to face a blowout or leak is when they are outside the comfort and resources of their homes. Do they have a change of clothes? Where is there a clean area to change their child? Did anyone see? What damage control can they do without a bath near-by? 

With this knowledge, Pampers launched an OOH campaign in places parents least want to have a blowout. Emphasizing the messaging of fearing no leaks with Pampers Blowout Barrier. Pampers focused on cities in states with the most births in 2022 including NYC, LA, Miami and Dallas. The placements of these OOH units were prioritized in places parents alike would not want to have to deal with leaks/blowouts. This included malls, subways, airports and high traffic areas. To make the OOH even more eye catching, the creative not only featured imagery of baby “poo faces”, but also had custom messaging to the locations and key holiday timing. Examples of this include “Take a ride and we’ll keep the mess inside” on subway placements, and during Halloween playing into spooky season with “fear boos, not poos” messaging. 

To ensure the OOH campaign had maximum impact, Pampers then leaned into creators to capture content of the OOH messaging and extend via social. This accompanied cohesive “fear no leaks” messaging and “poo face” images and emojis across tried and true always on platforms. Platforms were inclusive of TV, OTT, OLV, social, display, podcasts, endemic and search.  

To maintain a unified presence across channels, the brand leveraged an extensive repository of assets inclusive of adaptions of their hero assets featured on video platforms, Halloween “fear boos, not poos”, and user generated content showcasing benefits from moms users can relate to. Knowing moms already don’t have too much free time, Pampers leaned into skippable or short form video formats as much as possible. Within podcasts we utilized our existing host partnerships consisting of hosts who are new moms with shows such as Asian Boss Girl, Best of Borth Worlds, and Best Friend Energy to tell their own blowout stories, while keeping consistent product messaging. The priority to was to meet mom where she was at in the most impactful, least intrusive way possible.  


Core Audience: To ensure the messaging the most high value audiences of new parents, the brand used a mix of targeting tactics to ensure all media had a layer of audience targeting to new moms. 

Multicultural: as a second priority, Pampers looked to reach Hispanic new moms as an audience with in language and relevant creative.


Snapchat Poo Face AR Lens: 5% share rate (+2x the Snapchat AR Lens Benchmark)  

Social IYA vs Non-Blowout Barrier Creative:  



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Carat, Procter and Gamble – Pampers


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