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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Ologies with Alie Ward

Winner in Science & Technology Podcast


Ologies with Alie Ward is a weekly go-to podcast for curious audiences. Easily digestible science knowledge is explained with humor as Alie chats with leading experts (“ologists”) of various studies ("ologies") from Areology (MARS) to Zymology (BEER). An assorted array of global scientists share not only their wisdom on Ologies, but also their lived experiences. 

Ologies objectives:

Strategy and Execution

To obtain objectives, Ologies host Alie Ward approaches each episode as her authentic self. In addition to speaking in her witty and affable tone, Alie reveals personal details to connect with both her guests and listeners. Alie creates a safe environment where it's ok to admit mistakes, challenges, and inexperiences, and also celebrate achievements, successes and growth.

For instance, Alie opened up about her own anxiety and grief in episodes like "Attention-Deficit Neuropsychology (ADHD)" and "Thanatology (DEATH & DYING)." After losing loved ones to colon cancer, Alie literally bared all in the special "FIELD TRIP: My Butt, a Colonoscopy Ride Along and How-To," which walked listeners through her procedure and inspired many to schedule their own life-saving medical exams.

Personal experiences are also shared by ologists during interviews. Guests of diverse genders, races, ages, identities and expressions explain their backgrounds in STEM, revealing a variety of opportunities, challenges, and paths. To dispense this information to the widest audience possible, Ologies offers transcripts and bleeped episodes in addition to the free podcast. After receiving feedback from teachers interested in playing episodes for grade schoolers, Ologies also started releasing Smologies: shortened, classroom-friendly versions of classic episodes.


Results are best measured by reviews and correspondence from listeners. Examples of feedback demonstrating objectives have been met include:

"Alie is incredibly respectful, kind & engaged. The language is accessible; topics are explained in a lovey mix of simple & sciencey terms. Couldn’t rate it higher, can’t wait for more!! Thank you for always including peoples pronouns, for being disability aware & culturally aware in general. It makes the show feel even more safe!" -user Morgan Whatsername via Apple Podcasts

"I just wanted to say how much your podcast inspired me to go for ecology. I was convinced I could never go into a science but after listening to your podcast and all the ologists who made the switch I was really inspired to do it myself. Now I’m in my second semester as an environmental science and ecology major doing my soon to be second season of native bee and plant research! I seriously don’t think I would have done it without listening to it." -Alexander via Instagram

"Every episode there's some fact that blows my mind and changes my perspective, and I just want to share that with everyone. Alie manages to make science fun and entertaining, and brings on amazing and diverse experts to get it done. It's absolutely wonderful to see science experts from so many different demographics." -user Cyrice37 via Apple Podcasts


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Ologies with Alie Ward