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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Old school favorites, new school standards

Gold Honor in Launch Campaign


Leaning into the nostalgia of the 90’s, we developed and executed a viral influencer program in support of the Little Spoon’s Lunchers launch (a build-and-eat array of healthy meals and snacks for big kids) that blanketed social media, driving home the overarching message that you’ve changed since the 90’s, why hasn’t your kid’s food?

Our multi-tiered strategy engaged iconic 90’s celebrities, traditional macro influencers and parent tastemakers via a range of personal, strategically-timed partnerships including paid campaigns, UGC content collaborators and widespread gifting. 

The intention behind our strategy was to drive vast traffic, awareness and education of the brand-new older kid meal offerings to new customers in a way that felt exciting and different. We also sought to establish that Little Spoon, as the first end-to-end platform for kids' food and nutrition, understands the modern parent: delivering healthy, convenient meal and snack time offerings for every eating stage from baby to big kid right to your door. 

To this end, the overall goal of the campaign was to ensure that Little Spoon shows up in a breadth of places, with people and partners that the millennial audience naturally connects to and recognizes.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy kicked off with a buzzy campaign video starring iconic 90’s celebrities that scream nostalgia: Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Jaleel White (Urkel), and James Van Der Beek (Dawson). From there, we leveraged their likeness to partner with over 250 high-reach influencers, celebrities and tastemakers like Ashley Tisdale, Lance Bass, Rocky Barnes, @overthemoonfaraway, and @couturetothemax. Each partner was curated to check one of two narratives: product messaging around nutrition and taste, or brand messaging of 90’s nostalgia.

Our strategy also utilized a range of creators to participate in paid brand campaigns leveraging three angles: passing the torch of old-school childhood favorites to the new generation, 90s styling with parents and kids, and young kid “food critics.” 

In order to drive new site visitors and hit revenue goals we executed campaigns with 200+ digital influencers, tastemakers and celebrities, all carefully selected for a diverse range of following size, niche, and strategically timed out across the course of weeks for consistent buzz.

Creating a cohesive, storytelling moment for the 90’s celebrity ad with Melissa, Jaleel and James proved challenging. We worked with our client and the agents to align on a script that felt exciting for both parties while also making sure we were hitting on the talking points needed and avoiding legality issues with television networks in speaking to the celebrities iconic characters.


At a glance, Little Spoon’s marketing strategy and our influencer marketing strategy drove an 11:1 ROI in only 24 hours of launch.

Within 24 hours of launch, both new product lines became seven figure businesses each. 

Launch day and the following day marked the highest and second highest site traffic day in the history of Little Spoon’s business (7 years), with a 45% increase in visitors than their previous milestone. Further, website traffic throughout week one of launch was up 120% from the week prior, with each day continuing to break records. Overall, unique site visitors from the campaign reached 861,000.

Also in 24 hours of launch, our strategy achieved a potential reach of over 40 million impressions via partnerships with influencers, celebrities, retro meme accounts, partner posts and high-reaching organic content. 

The main campaign spot starring Melissa Joan Hart, Jaleel White and James Van Der Beek earned comments such as: “Someone give this marketing team a raise! This is 10/10, quality content,” “Ok I would buy LITERALLY based on this ad,” and “You know your target audience lol what an ad!” among dozens of others.  

Our strategy also drove nearly 10K new Instagram followers for Little Spoon in the span of a month.

From start to finish, this campaign has been a true testament to the collaborative creative relationship between our consultancy and Little Spoon, Little Spoon ideating the concept of the campaign and vision for the 360 marketing; Dialogue crafting and executing the celeb/influencer strategy to amplify the message. It’s been a culmination of our five year working relationship, throughout which we laid the foundation for this type of success.


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Dialogue New York, Little Spoon


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