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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Vertical Video

Gold Honor in Sports Podcast

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"Nightcap" is the new nightly sports talk destination with NFL legends Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Sharpe and Johnson give their unfiltered takes on the latest headlines in pro and college football and instant reactions to the biggest games moments after they end. 

The impetus for this show came about following Shannon Sharpe joining Colin Cowherd’s The Volume in 2023. Recently departed from his network mainstay, Undisputed, the footballer was looking for a home for his Shay Shay Media enterprise and found new synergy at The Volume. Home to more than twenty of the biggest audio shows in sports media, the network collaborated with Sharpe to launch a brand new show in September 2023: Nightcap. The key to the success of this new venture was showing a different side of Sharpe that viewers normally do not get to see on network television. To support the show, The Volume team aimed to maximize hype, building a complex social and digital presence via live video and cross-platform promotion. With a laser-focus on growth, The Volume has solidified Nightcap as the definitive first and best post-game reaction show for NFL and NBA games.

Strategy and Execution

Pioneers in empowering athlete storytellers, Nightcap’s home network, The Volume, has curated a diversified profile of content for its audience to enjoy across verticals. Nightcap is no exception, delivering The Volume’s signature depth of coverage to its varied fanbases. In a world where fans hunger for immediate analysis and discussions, “Nightcap” cuts through the clutter as a go-to source for real-time sports insights— and, well, everything else. From a content perspective, the show is engaging and dynamic, putting Shannon opposite long-time friend Chad Johnson in a casual, low-key setting.  The result gives the two icons the freedom to show off their entertainment bonafides– talking more than just sports.

A clear challenge at the beginning of Nightcap’s launch was finding the show’s unique voice and place in the sports podcasting arena. With Shannon and Ocho’s larger-than-life personalities, the show went through several iterations before hitting its stride and finding a perfect niche - balanced between sports commentary and host chatter. The production team’s keen eye for in-demand content allowed the hosts to flourish in an environment that is truly their own and beloved by loyal fans. 

Another breakthrough for the show came with innovative digital and social strategy, positioning Nightcap as the quickest post-game reaction show in the entertainment space. Nightcap prioritizes giving the viewers a timely and engaging analysis rooted in the complexities of the craft and moments in culture rather than bemoaning tactics or point-tallying. The show boasts a first-of-its-kind promise to go live within 10 minutes of all game endings. In a media landscape where information moves at lightning speed, Nightcap finds itself at the cutting edge - a modern podcast for the sports fans of today. 

Now truly in its prime, the show has become known for its viral antics. Whether it’s debating football, prenups or Selena Gomez, the show’s blend of humor and commentary is the perfect combination for our digital age. We could listen to the two talk about nearly anything: Chad Johnson’s hairline, his love for flying Spirit, or his bizarre home remedies for a swollen ankle. Moments like these sprinkled in between detailed, expert-led sports analyses establish Nightcap as a one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment podcast breaking the mold and setting a new standard for audio entertainment.


Nightcap launched in September to massive acclaim. Thanks to an aggressive digital and social strategy, Nightcap is always the first to comment, getting to the action for major games as soon as they end. This strategy has proven more than effective: 

Nightcap easily surpassed the goal to average over 10k concurrent viewers on live streams; it has averaged over 16k concurrent viewers since launch. More recently, concurrent views have climbed to an average of over 20k and peaked at over 45k. Achieving over 250k subscribers within one month of launch and over 500k subscribers within three months of launch, Nightcap continues to blaze past landmark goals– currently posting over 1 million YouTube subscribers to date. Nightcap averages 2 million monthly downloads, 36 million monthly YouTube views, and 110 million monthly social views. Nightcap’s remarkable performance metrics not only solidify the show’s position as a sports media trailblazer, but highlight its consistent audience engagement and widespread loyalty.


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