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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

NAPA Auto Parts Ignites Passion with Car Culture

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NAPA found itself at a crossroads. “Know How” had been the personality of the brand for over a decade, but in an age where people can find expertise on TikTok, “Know How” wasn’t differentiating enough, and lacked the emotional connection our audience was hungry for.  NAPA lost relevance with drivers and lost ground against the competition. The time had come for a jumpstart.


Through extensive research, we learned that keeping your car on the road isn’t actually about parts - it’s about getting to the destination you’re excited to experience. So we transformed NAPA from positioning itself as a parts company to positioning itself as a mobility company focused on the possibilities of the road ahead. With that, we centered the brand purpose on helping people “Boldly Go” toward their passions.


And to help bring “Boldly Go” to life, we needed to find a way to not only demonstrate the evolution of NAPA from a parts retailer (and a brand that only appealed to gearheads) to a steward of every automotive passion, resonating deeply with the hearts and minds of a more diverse mix of automotive enthusiasts and interests.


Strategy and Execution

By focusing the NAPA Instagram (and broader social presence) as a destination for car enthusiasts, we aimed to create a content-rich space that celebrated the diversity of car culture.


“Igniters” is a multipart docu-series that taps into the shared passion our  audiences have for all things automotive, showcasing the people (and places) who push the industry forward—the trailblazers, trendsetters, and icons who embody the spirit of “Boldly Go.”


The series showcased the multifaceted nature of car culture and featured profiles on: 


With each feature, we showcased the passion, drive, lessons, achievements, and the impact they have on car culture.


"Igniters" has been more than a content series—it’s been a strategic pivot towards making NAPA an aspirational brand for all who are moved by the love of cars, igniting a passionate community and redefining what it means to be a modern automotive brand.



By tapping into passionate niche communities, vibrant personalities, and rich storytelling, "Igniters" has made a significant impact in the broader NAPA strategy to transform the brand and celebrate the diversity of automotive culture:



"Igniters" is a powerful testament to NAPA Auto Parts' innovative approach to brand storytelling, demonstrating how connecting with diverse voices and niche communities not only enriches content but also expands audience reach – ultimately supporting the brand’s efforts to help others “Boldly Go.”



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The Variable, NAPA Auto Parts