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My Joy

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The My Joy campaign is a testament to the endless avenues through which joy finds its expression. We spoke to a multicultural audience to tell multifaceted stories through the lens of rising creators. The goal? To inspire creatives from all backgrounds to share their authenticity through the expression of their joy. By celebrating the richness of joy across a spectrum of creators, we put a spotlight on the diverse and intersectional cultures, identities, and talents that stems from it. My Joy brings Frito-Lay’s commitment to investing, representing, and amplifying diverse creative voices to life. My Joy’s impact continues in front of and behind the camera, bringing unfiltered joy to the media that we consume in partnership with Frito-Lay’s Racial Equality Journey (REJ) initiative.


Diverse, culturally authentic joy is reflected in our communities, in our families, in our friendships, and across everyone’s daily interactions, but it is not equally reflected in the marketing we consume, the social feeds we scroll, or the screens we watch. We saw the opportunity to position Frito-Lay as a brand that’s deeply intersectional in consumers’ lives through creative and activation tactics that authentically represent diverse voices with campaign elements that positively impact the community. 

My Joy leaned into the category challenge that people of color are now looking beyond representation - and are instead calling for action from brands to truly champion representation and commitment, without diluting the impact behind the stories told. Working off the truth that joy comes from uplifting experiences, not just appearances, our insight pulls on the sentiment that authentically bringing joy requires embracing every aspect of the emotion. The campaign is a testament to the endless avenues through which joy finds its expression for a multicultural audience through the lens of rising creators.


This campaign highlights diverse voices that positively impact the community specifically targeting the multicultural and Gen-Z audience. Our talent posted content generated 5,059,352 impressions and 21,501 engagements. Comments were overwhelmingly positive and generated excitement with an outstanding 100% positive comment sentiment across all creator posts.


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Obsidianworks, Frito-Lay


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