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Mother Raw's City Salad Showdown

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Our clients, Mother Raw, were on a mission to prove that salads are anything but boring. When the client approached us with the challenge of shifting the narrative around salads, we saw #NationalSaladMonth in May as a perfect opportunity for the brand to dominate the conversation around salad.

With a shoestring budget and tight timelines, we developed a unique, creative, first-of-its-kind influencer campaign that not only celebrates salad and plant-based cuisine but also celebrates diversity and hometown pride.

The central idea behind #CitySaladShowdown was showcasing the distinct flavors and cuisines that represent a city and how those can be incorporated into a salad - whether through bringing in various multicultural elements, flavors, and textures, or acknowledging the history or geography of a city through the salad’s ingredients.

Our vision was a coast-to-coast competition inspired by reality TV cooking competitions, featuring diverse influencers, each representing a different North American city. With a core objective being to drive social media engagement, contestants were asked to create salads that represented their home cities, each running their own contests in the competition lead-up to engage their followers for support and input. Engagement was built into every layer of this campaign.

In sum, #CitySaladShowdown aimed to celebrate culinary diversity, local city pride, promote brand awareness, and foster community engagement. We successfully leveraged influencer partnerships and strategically timed the campaign for maximum impact. Through innovative storytelling and engaging content, we successfully proved that salads are indeed anything but boring!

Campaign Metrics of Success:


Our strategy for our creator partnerships required multiple touchpoints between creator and brand: 

Barriers and Challenges:



Our team's objectives were to achieve significant reach, engagement, and growth, all of which were met and exceeded by the campaign's results. With a tiny budget, we achieved 1.2 million people reached across Mother Raw and Influencer profiles.

The 400K+ video views demonstrate strong audience interest and retention. Moreover, the high engagement metrics clearly demonstrate the active participation and interaction with our content:

Additionally, gaining an estimated 600-1000+ new followers signifies successful audience acquisition and community expansion. Overall, these metrics illustrate that our efforts were not only successful but also surpassed our initial objectives, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in achieving our goals of reach, engagement, and growth.


Beyond this campaign, we collaborated again with the winner (who represented Chicago) for Pride Month. There have since been discussions about the winning salad being featured on the menu of an award-winning Chicago restaurant. 

Additionally we fostered a deep relationship between the judge, Gabrielle, and our clients. Gabrielle went on to be a brand ambassador and ongoing content creator partner for Mother Raw in 2023.


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Pinch Social, Mother Raw


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