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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Man with Van

Finalist in Short Form Video


Our mission was clear – make Adobe a cherished brand among Gen Z on TikTok and Instagram. The challenge? Craft a social-first video that doesn't feel like an ad, but sparks genuine excitement.

Strategy and Execution

Navigating TikTok and Instagram’s creative currents meant cutting through the noise. How do we make an ad that doesn't feel like one? Challenge accepted, and creativity unleashed! In the sea of trends, we spotted an island – Gen Z loves visual transformations and thrives on community tales. Ready to embark on a creative journey, we set sail. Introducing 'Man with Van,' the standout in our 'Redesigning Signs in NYC' series. Collaborating with Max Kolomatsky, we transformed local ads using Adobe's magic, narrating stories of streets, signs, and the people behind them.


Results: 'Man with Van' didn't just ride the waves; it soared with 4.1 million TikTok organic views and 2.96 million on Instagram. Engagement rates of 10.57% on TikTok and 11.34% on Instagram were applauded by our digital audience. Beyond metrics, 'Man with Van' turned Max into a local creative hero. It's not just a video; it's a connection, a trendsetter, and a celebration of community.

Impact: The magic lies in authentic storytelling, seamlessly featuring Adobe's tools, and creating a repeatable series for the brand. We responded to comments in the original video to make the next videos in the series, so it could continue to live on.

Conclusion: In the TikTok and Instagram symphony of 'Man with Van,' Adobe's brand resonates not as an advertiser but as a storyteller, weaving tales that echo in the vibrant corridors of Gen Z's social playground.







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kvell collective, Adobe


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