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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Billion Dollar Boy x LVMH x Meta: Loewe Squeeze Bag

Finalist in Vertical Video


When tasked with driving awareness of Loewe's new luxury bag, Squeeze, the challenge was clear: create platform-native, social-first content that not only captivates but positions the Squeeze bag to an iconic status. We knew traditional ads wouldn't suffice. The debut of Loewe's Squeeze bag, a jewel of craftsmanship with a playful wink, demanded a launch unlike any other.

In an attempt to captivate our target market of females 18+, we enlisted three personality-first creators to collaborate with one craft creator (unique in commercial partnerships) and use new cutting-edge production techniques to generate content together. We took a non-traditional approach and hosted workshops between the creators to brainstorm two concepts each for the brand.

The result was visually compelling creative that not only celebrated the Squeeze bag's craftsmanship but stayed true to the brand's heritage.


Strategy and Execution

Forget mere fashion campaigns. Loewe's Squeeze bag demanded a canvas as audacious as its design, a story as transformative as its supple leather. We didn't just introduce Squeeze; we built a world around it, a reality where everyday lives collided with the playful, unexpected magic of the bag.

To bring this bold vision to life, we didn't settle for traditional models or influencers. We handpicked three personalities – each a vibrant spark of individualism – and paired them with a craft creator, forging an alliance. This wasn't about scripted endorsements; it was about igniting collaboration. We provided the canvas – cutting-edge production techniques, shared creative freedom, and the boundless possibilities of the Squeeze narrative.

Each collaboration, a unique spark of imagination, celebrates the bag's craftsmanship, quirks, and heritage not through sterile showcases, but through playful narratives that leave an indelible mark. We don't sell; we invite participation, spark imagination, and leave the audience wondering what whimsical transformation awaits them next.

This is a declaration of intent, a manifesto for embracing the unexpected, the playful, the defiantly unique. It's a whisper, a beckoning call to a world where Squeeze is more than a bag; it's a passport to a wonderland where anything can happen, and reality is just a playground ripe for squeezing every drop of wonder out of.



With just 6 daring pieces of content, featuring 3 creators and 1 craft creator, the campaign racked up an impressive 28.2 million reel plays and 29.2 million total Instagram impressions, reaching over 10.4 million viewers. More importantly, engagement soared at 10%, a testament to the captivating nature of the content.

This wasn't just about generating buzz; it was about forging a connection with the audience. The playful narratives, infused with the whimsical spirit of Squeeze, resonated deeply. Viewers weren't just watching; they were participating, sharing, and imagining themselves stepping into the Loewe wonderland.

And the cost? A remarkably efficient $2.86 CPM. This campaign achieved more with less, squeezing maximum impact from every dollar spent.



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Billion Dollar Boy, Loewe


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