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Matthew McConaughey Trending Audio 'Road Trips'

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Trending audio can garner thousands of views on TikTok and Meta platforms, so we wanted to find a unique way to get involved with this social moment. Inspired by Oscar-winning actor and Lincoln brand ambassador Matthew McConaughey’s introspective workshop “Road Trip: The Highway to More,” we saw the opportunity to tap Matthew’s deep loyalty and relationship with Lincoln to spark brand advocacy.

The trick was figuring out how to authentically be a part of this moment and increase brand awareness without a multi-million dollar shoot.


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Fast turnaround times and copyright issues make ‘trending audio’ a tricky space for brands to play in, but when the audio from one of Matthew McConaughey’s social posts started trending, we saw an opportunity for Lincoln to use their brand ambassador to ride the trend he started.

Matthew’s organic post made us realize we had been taking road trips with him for over a decade. That’s 10 years of footage at our fingertips, so we wanted to recontextualize and breathe new life into it in a timely and relevant way.

To accomplish this, we gathered clips from our library of previous Lincoln commercials, added music to Matthew’s already-trending audio, and made a new piece of content available for users on TikTok and Meta platforms to add to their own footage.


Implementing this facet of social media increased awareness of the Lincoln brand and took advantage of a cultural moment while remaining authentic to both Matthew and Lincoln.

We wanted people to post, repost, and talk about this content we created… and they did! Lincoln loyalists were eager to share their personal experiences, which made the popularity of our new piece of audio grow. We had over 400 thousand impressions, over 2.3 thousand comments, and 33 percent of all the comments received were related to Matthew McConaughey.

Lincoln was able to get an algorithmic boost reaching 10 times that of a regular organic post, and for the cherry on top, this was all done without a single dollar of paid media.


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Hudson Rouge, a VML Company, Lincoln


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