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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Lexus RZ - Lexus Chatswood

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The primary objective of the Lexus RZ campaign was to strategically emphasise the groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) capabilities of the model while concurrently driving sales at the Lexus Chatswood dealership. In an era where environmental consciousness and sustainable driving solutions are at the forefront of consumer priorities, we set out to position the Lexus RZ as a trailblazer in the realm of luxury electric vehicles. By seamlessly integrating the promotion of EV advancements with the dealership's sales objectives, the campaign aspired to establish Lexus Chatswood as a hub for those seeking both cutting-edge automotive technology and an exceptional purchasing experience.

Strategy and Execution

Our mission was to craft a mesmerising showcase video that would captivate attention and illuminate the exceptional qualities of the Lexus RZ, with a concentrated spotlight on its unrivalled style, cutting-edge technology, and inherent sophistication.

The campaign was confronted the challenge of differentiating itself from rival dealerships, each vying for a share of the discerning consumer base, all while aspiring to mirror the uniqueness of the Lexus RZ.

In a market saturated with automotive options, the campaign confronts the formidable task of not only capturing attention but also fostering a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers. The Chatswood dealership needed to navigate the complexities of consumer preferences, technological advancements, and shifting market trends to align their brand image seamlessly with the cutting-edge features and design of the Lexus RZ.  In a world where consumer expectations and demands are constantly evolving, Lexus of Chatswood must adeptly navigate this dynamic landscape to establish a distinctive presence that resonates with their target audience and positions them as the premier destination for Lexus enthusiasts in the Sydney Metro area.

The way we tackled this challenge was to go big; the nocturnal odyssey transports viewers into a man's dream as he gracefully navigates the intricacies of Sydney's cityscape, seamlessly gliding through tunnels in the sleek and dynamic Lexus RZ. Throughout this cinematic journey, we meticulously highlight key facets of the Lexus RZ, including its state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled performance, noteworthy electric vehicle (EV) capabilities, and the convenience of charging with three years of complimentary fast charging.

The video also sheds light on the paramount importance of safety features embedded in the Lexus RZ, ensuring a secure and enjoyable driving experience. Moreover, viewers are introduced to the unique and personalised Lexus Encore experience, adding an extra layer of distinction to the overall ownership package. This showcase aims not just to inform but to immerse the audience in the allure and sophistication that define the Lexus RZ, creating a lasting impression that resonates with enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. 

Encapsulating the luxuries of the vehicle while simultaneously speaking directly to Lexus Chatswood's unique clientele, our campaign targets our audience with a cinematic yet personal flair that leaves a lasting impression.



The Lexus RZ - Lexus Chatswood campaign has yielded impressive results, particularly in terms of vehicle sales. Our sales performance has been strong, providing a solid foundation for future growth. Looking ahead to the first quarter of next year, we have exciting plans to further amplify our efforts and capitalise on this success. Notably, our Chatswood showroom has achieved significant milestones. We have not only achieved our sales targets but surpassed them, showcasing the effectiveness of this campaign. Moreover, our video completion rate stands at an impressive 90%, indicating high engagement and interest from our audience. Additionally, our open rate for electronic direct mail (EDM) has set a new benchmark, demonstrating how this campaign has penetrated the culture of the Chatswood clientele. These outstanding results highlight the impact and success of the Lexus Chatswood campaign, positioning us as a leader in the industry.


Video for Lexus RZ - Lexus Chatswood

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McCarroll’s Automotive Group


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