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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Lamborghini Lanzador Lab: The Official Design and Drive Experience

Finalist in User-Generated Content, Auto, Immersive


The Lamborghini Lanzador Lab on Roblox is a groundbreaking project designed to push the boundaries of virtual exploration, customization, and racing experiences. Our primary goal was to create an immersive platform where Lamborghini enthusiasts could engage with the brand in a novel and interactive way. By leveraging the Roblox environment, we aimed to blend the exhilarating essence of Lamborghini's design and performance with the creative and social possibilities of virtual worlds. The objectives were twofold: to craft a virtual space that mirrors the luxury and innovation of the Lamborghini brand, and to provide users with the ability to customize their own Lamborghini Lanzador, thus offering a personalized and immersive racing experience that goes beyond traditional gaming.


Strategy and Execution

Our venture into creating a virtual Lamborghini experience on Roblox began with a clear vision: to combine a digital showroom and configurator with the thrill of racing. The in-game configurator and racing aspects were designed to be deeply engaging, offering a unique blend of personalization and competitive play that integrates Lamborghini’s custom Ad Personam Studio colors and options.

Addressing the challenge of translating the Lamborghini's real-world prestige into a virtual environment required innovative solutions and close attention to user feedback. This was crucial for ensuring that the game's diverse landscapes and the Lanzador itself lived up to players' expectations.

A pivotal moment in our project was the sale of three ultra-limited Bull Head UGCs, which achieved record-breaking prices and provided buyers with real-world benefits, including a trip to Italy to visit the Lamborghini factory. This initiative, developed in partnership with Flaunt Loyalty, showcased the potential of blending digital exclusivity with tangible experiences, setting a new standard for digital ownership.

The marketing strategy for these UGCs created a buzz that not only highlighted the uniqueness of our virtual offerings but also underscored the luxury and heritage of the Lamborghini brand. The success of this approach was reflected in the enthusiastic response from our community and set a precedent for integrating real-world value into digital platforms.

This journey demonstrated the feasibility of creating a compelling virtual experience that bridges the digital and physical worlds, offering users an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the Lamborghini brand in a dynamic, interactive environment. Our efforts have redefined what's possible in branded virtual experiences, establishing a new benchmark on the Roblox platform.



The Lamborghini Lanzador Lab has achieved its objectives, creating a vibrant community of Lamborghini enthusiasts on Roblox. The project successfully merges the thrill of Lamborghini's design and performance with the creative freedom of virtual customization and racing. The quality of the virtual Lanzador, combined with the extensive customization options and the engaging racing experience, has set a new standard for branded virtual experiences.

Our collaborations have added significant value, integrating real-world utility with virtual items and facilitating user movement between virtual spaces, thereby enriching the community interaction and engagement.

The positive reception from the community and the active participation in customization and racing activities are testaments to our success. We've not only created an innovative platform for Lamborghini fans to connect and engage but also showcased the potential of luxury brands in virtual spaces. The Lamborghini Lanzador Lab is a pioneering venture that redefines the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, marking it a resounding success.



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Sawhorse Productions, Lamborghini


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