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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Justin’s Helps Save The Bees

Finalist in Social Good Campaign


Our goal was to make Justin's brand mission to support the pollinators better known, and to drive more consumer engagement in supporting that mission than ever before. In short, we needed to get the word out, and get people caring about the plight of the pollinators.

Strategy and Execution

Here’s a staggering stat: one-third of all pollinators, like bees, die every year. And since pollinators are responsible for 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat, that has a serious effect on the world’s food supply.


So how do we get the word out — and get people caring — about the plight of the pollinators?  Enter Justin’s - a brand known for its delicious nut butter spreads and organic confections.

Annnnd their unending compassion toward... bees.


We made it our mission to show people what a world without bees would look like. And...taste like.


We created an exclusive one-night only restaurant with a twist, adding hidden cameras and actors to the ambiance to surprise our unsuspecting diners, all directed by the award-winning king of candid cameras...Jackass’s very own Jeff Tremaine.


The twist? We removed one-third of their dinner. Wine? Let’s suck up 33% of that Pinot Noir. Steak? We’ll remove one-third of that, please and thank you. Asparagus? You get the picture.


Diners were more than a little confused, and downright hangry. But that’s when we finally revealed who was behind this stunt: Justin’s.


We got the word out with short and long-form videos on paid social and Youtube. Plus, we drove people to a custom-built microsite so they could learn more and help the bees directly. And we even gave away pollinator-friendly garden makeovers for those willing to take the Justin’s pollinator pledge.


While Pollinator Month has already flown by, our pledge to help the pollinators remains.

Because without them, there wouldn’t be Justin’s.



During June’s Pollinator Month, we garnered over 62 MILLION impressions, nearly 200,000 site visits, and 17,000 giveaway entries creating a new wave of engaged consumers eager to join Justin’s in their efforts to help save the bees.


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Barkley, Justin’s


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