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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Jeopardy! Does TikTok

Gold Honor in TikTok Presence


The goal for Jeopardy's TikTok account was, and continues to be, simple: Build a channel that engages TikTok's core community with content that celebrates the elements, gameplay and pageantry has made Jeopardy! so iconic while simultaneously making that content as accessible as possible. 

By any measure, the Social & Digital team has been incredibly successful. Following a breakout launch in 2022, Jeopardy! has scaled dramatically, not just according to how much the team has posted, but also according to the channel's most important KPIs:  In 2023 Jeopardy's number of followers almost doubled from 255K -> 477K and its views nearly tripled, from 55M -> 142M.

Strategy and Execution

The strategy that's allowed us to go from zero followers in September 2022 to nearly half a million just a year-and-a-half later is really three fold: First, Jeopardy!'s bread-and-butter has always been its clues, organized into categories that often have connections to the zeitgiest, and we've chosen to amplify those categories as much as possible first and foremost. 50 GREATEST RAPPERS OF ALL TIME? Check. A Taylor Swift category? Check, check again. A freakin' TikTok category?!? Yeah, we had one of those, too.

The second component of our TikTok strategy was pretty simple: If all else fails, just make it funny. That's how we ended up with a post like this 😉. Or there was that time when we posted that sick George Santos burn.

The third and final compnent, though, is that we're very judicious about what we post, because we care so much about our audience on TikTok and being as authentic to them as possible; there are sixty categories to choose from each week and 300 clues, and yet only 2 or 3 really make the grade from week to week. And that's been a major key to our success on the platform.



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