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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

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So much of what we do on Jeopardy!'s social channels is devoted to bringing the notable and/or humorous moments of gameplay from Jeopardy! directly to our fans' feeds. But a feed of wall-to-wall videos can get monotonous. So we like to break it up with content that fans might not totally expect — and a lot of the time, that content is our special brand of humor. 

To support our tournaments — in this case, Champions Wildcard — we'll often look for memorable or funny moments from those tournament's episodes and highlight them in unique ways in an effort to drive awareness for the tournament and ultimately, tune in to the show. 


Strategy and Execution

In this instance, we we're lucky enough enough to have a Jeopardy! player named Lawrence Long on the show, who's stated profession (as announced by legend Johnny Gilbert) was "stay-at-home uncle." Suffice to say, we weren't going to let that incredible profession pass us by without some sort of acknowledgement — Jeopardy! fans' internet reaction would be bonkers — and, naturally, the first person we thought of was everyone's favorite stay-at-home uncle, "Uncle Joey" Gladstone from the classic 90s sitcom, 'Full House.'

We thought hard about how best to equate the two on social, and one of the most iconic parts of 'Full House' are the opening credits with their instantly recognizeable font. Giving Lawrence the 'Full House' credit treatment, then, was a no brainer. We tracked down the font, combined it with a short clip of Lawrence's interview during the show, looped it and the rest was history.


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Sony Pictures Television


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