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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

JBLiens Ear-n-vasion

Finalist in Technology, Paid & Amplification


The earbud category has long been dominated by the default incumbent and their always (only) white products. JBL had already built a legendary reputation over 75 years for award-winning speakers and portable players, but needed a way to grab attention (and ears) as offering a better choice than merely following the herd. JBL’s disruptive product message – JBL True Wireless Sound offers a range of earbuds representing individual choice, customized fit, and superior sound – needed a campaign as disruptive as JBL’s earbuds.  Success will be measured by growing JBL’s category awareness (gaining +5% brand awareness), creating a breakthrough campaign that propels massive impressions and social engagement, and driving substantial path-to-purchase traffic to 

Our fall campaign landed with social media reports of JBLien sightings and an Ear-n-vasion that started in NYC, spread across social, and gained huge product recognition across major e-commerce channels. The JBL Makes Earbuds (For Every-One) campaign celebrated uninhibited individuality and placed JBL at the center of intersecting interests in music, art, cultural trends – and aliens.

Strategy and Execution

JBL Wireless Earbuds is the brand designed for true originals who make their own choices, breaking away from the establishment. NO ONE WANTS TO FEEL LIKE ONE OF MANY, THE UNINHIBITED WANT TO FEEL LIKE ONE OF ONE. JBL MAKES EARBUDS FOR EACH OF OUR ONE OF ONES. SO CO-CONSPIRE WITH US AGAINST HOMOGENEITY - IN A JOYOUSLY REBELLIOUS WAY.

The JBLien sightings and Ear-n-vasion creative are the heroes and the center of this campaign, that trigger all the social reactions to this content, the responses to Amazon commerce and social placements, and the social/digital activations.  The store event became an additional proof point that fits into the bigger narrative of celebrating big-eared, uninhibited and joyous JBL earbud fans.

At the center of the campaign is JBL’s unwavering commitment to providing a platform for fans to be their most authentic selves and immerse themselves in JBLien culture - a lifestyle that goes beyond the ordinary where fans are their most unique self and champion individuality. From partnering with emerging talent such as Ant, Sojin, Samm and Marshall and creating immersive experiences to showcasing the innovative designs and superior audio quality embodied in JBL’s TWS earbuds, JBL’s ethos is front and center with this campaign.

JBL transformed their flagship NYC Soho store into the living embodiment of the JBLien Ear-n-vasion. After sparking countless social conversations/posts on the streets of New York, a group of JBLliens converged on the store for a dynamic and high energy live DJ set and a performance by emerging rap duo Flyana Boss, who gave the audience an exclusive sneak peek of a new single before its release.  

In the campaign’s social and digital storyline, JBL and Nick Kosir, aka “The Dancing Weatherman,” teamed up to share the scoop on all things JBLien.  Framed as breaking news, these JBLiens are fully immersed in our world, marked by their ear-dividuality, enabling them to tune in more intensely to the beats that move them and share their passion with the world. Flyana Boss, leading the charge for JBLiens, dropped a message – that JBL was set to invade fans’ eardrums in the middle of December with something guaranteed to make heads nod like a Flyana Boss.


By championing diversity, amplifying voices and embracing the power of being unapologetically genuine, JBL fosters a community where every voice is heard, everyone is celebrated, and every individual is free to live authentically. The spirit of the Uninhibited was joyously embraced in this successful TWS holiday season campaign. 

In December, JBL seamlessly intertwined brand and product, captivating media and consumers at the intersection of culture and sound. Launching an innovative brand campaign with the visionary Flyana Boss, JBL upheld its pioneering status as the leading audio brand, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, design, and collaborative ventures.

The JBL Makes Earbuds (For Every-One) campaign extended TWS awareness and reach to Unhibited Demo (A18-34) via connected TV, socials, and e-commerce platforms.  Overall Reach of 438M impressions exceeded KPI benchmarks, including 55M Video completes that drove significant action producing 2M clicks throughs.  The attention and engagement created by the JBL Ear-n-vasion achieved the highest effectiveness for any recent JBL campaign and crushed Return On Spend benchmarks +221% over prior ROAS average.  

JBLiens campaign not only gained massive impression and engagement, but mostly importantly drove path-to-purchase down funnel traffic: 


Video for JBLiens Ear-n-vasion

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