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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Jake Social

Winner in Brand Voice, Insurance, Multi-Platform Presence

Audience Honor in Brand Voice, Insurance


Since 2020, when State Farm reinvented Jake from State Farm, he’s been embraced online as a top content creator, and cultivated a large and engaged social community that enthusiastically amplifies the cultural resonance of the 100+ year-old brand.

From his first forays onto Instagram and X, Jake has been differentiated from competitors on social channels by hisgood neighbor persona. Helpful and eager to engage, he expresses brand values while offering culturally relevant and entertaining takes on Gen-Z and Millennial topics, lifestyles, and interests. Jake’s 2021 expansion into TikTok positioned State Farm deeper into the online world of gaming, music, fashion, entertainment, and food—spaces not typically seen as available to insurers.

He takes a culture-first storytelling approach, participating in viral trends and offers takes on culturally relevant conversations. His content is created exclusively for social versus repurposing OLV/broadcast creative, video cut-downs, or leaning into brand messaging.

Jake also interacts with the social community through comments on relevant viral content (proactive) to increase his reach, and by engaging 1:1 with followers’ comments on his posts (reactive) to further humanize his character.

Building upon this momentum, our 2023 objective was to achieve icon status for Jake—to make him so appealing and influential as a brand asset that the brand can:


-Authentically interact with celebrities and creators

-Be welcomed at newsworthy events and key moments in culture

-Enable culturally resonant, high-EMV campaigns on social



Strategy and Execution

While we remained committed to organic community-building and evergreen lifestyle content, 2023 stood out as a year of social fireworks for Jake, as we strategically placed him in high-reach collaborations and huge cultural moments.  

Custom Talent & Influencer Social Collaborations: Leveraged JFSF in custom made-for-social content with the biggest creators and talents across social media channels through a culture-first lens.

Inserting Brand/Brand Asset into Cultural Moments via Social: Activated JFSF social channels in real-time to participate in trending brand conversations, amplify unplanned mentions on social media/broadcast/interviews/talk shows, and support in-person appearances.

    1. NBA All-Star Game
      1. In-person JFSF appearance alongside icon Dwayne Wade with social support and engagement in real-time.
    2. TwitchCon and BravoCon
      1. In-person JFSF appearances with social support and engagement in real-time featuring gaming influencers and Bravo talent/celebrities.
    3. Caitlin Clark
      1. Amplified conversation around the phenom being the first college athlete to sign a brand partnership with State Farm, leveraging custom creative, and real-time support of her featured appearance on ManningCast.
    4. Donna Kelce + Jason Kelce
      1. Collaborated on a Maximum Effort-planned stunt/appearance at Philadelphia Eagles game alongside Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce, just a week after first appearance of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as a couple.
      2. Jason IG, Jason TW, Jake TikTok
    5. Saturday Night Live
      1. Amplified SNL’s hilarious spoof of JFSF starring Michael B. Jordan as Jake.
    6. Will Smith
      1. JFSF engaged with an organic, unplanned mention by Will Smith.
    7. Kelly Clarkson
      1. Reacted to a mention of the brand jingle with Jake jumping into the conversation through The Kelly Clarkson Show social channel.

Super Bowl LVII Campaign: In lieu of a TV spot, State Farm opted for a TikTok-only campaign featuring Jake from State Farm and a TikTok challenge. The brand partnered with Khaby Lame (TikTok’s most-followed creator) to launch a challenge to guess how many times State Farm Stadium would be mentioned on air. (Infinity Marketing Team led the initiative with TMA leading all supporting pre-, during, and post-game efforts to extend brand initiatives via Jake’s TikTok channel.)


While the State Farm brand is universal, Jake’s growing followers and engagement metrics show that Gen-Z and Millennial users are intentionally seeking out, relating to, and engaging with the brand through Jake as a cultural figure.

In 2023, users were not shy to celebrate, connect with, and talk about Jake from State Farm on TikTok, Instagram and X. He received over 88K social mentions (average 265 per day.) He saw an increase of 618K followers, netted more than 164M impressions, and over 3.1M social engagements.


TikTok: 149,855,671 impressions and 2,258,930 engagements

X: 5,992,440 impressions and 322,819 engagements 

Instagram: 7,870,110 impressions and 581,463 engagements

In 2023, Jake from State Farm hit 1M TikTok followers—an insurance-industry first and a monumental accomplishment for the brand in the social space.

The active and engaged social presence of Jake from State Farm has become vital infrastructure for all State Farm campaigns. The Khaby/Jake/Super Bowl post was watched by 220M+ people, almost double the game’s 113M TV viewers. The stunt with Donna and Jason Kelce went extremely viral, garnering $23M in earned media value. None of these initiatives would have been possible without the daily work of making Jake from State Farm an iconic creator.



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