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Jack in the Box: The Snoop Munchie Meal

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Two California legends, Jack in the Box and Snoop Dogg teamed up to create Snoop’s own signature Munchie Meal, highlighting Jack’s undeniable connection to late-night activities. Celebrating their revamped late-night menu with the release of the Snoop Munchie Meal, the goal was to remind customers that Jack is the undisputed leader of late-night: Snoop Dogg is the King of The Munchies, and Jack in the Box is the King of the Late-Night Munchie Meal. The campaign told the story of the dynamic duo and legends coming together to create a meal with Jack’s style and Snoop’s iconic munchies. The meal itself showcased Jack’s diverse menu, offering everything from giant chicken sandwiches to tiny tacos to baked brownies – instead of the standard burgers and soggy fries on competitor’s late-night menus


Jack in the Box used wink-wink, nod-nod messaging to reinforce its role as a trailblazer and friend to late-night shenanigans. By leveraging an exclusive interview with Snoop himself and delivering the meal to local broadcast studios, the campaign rollout was seen across social channels and wide-reaching national press coverage. Once the exclusive went live, wide consumer outreach began, targeting a broad variety of beats to increase awareness in food media and beyond. Jack focused lifestyle entertainment media pitches around the Snoop partnership and foodie media pitches focused on the launch of the  Munchie Meal. 

To close out the campaign with a bang Jack also created Snoop’s own limited-time location in Inglewood, California called “Dogg in Tha Box,” featuring an expanded menu of “Snoopiffied” late-night bites, from “Snizzacks and Sidez” to “Bizurgers” like the “D-O-Double-Jack” and “Tasy Mothercluckers” (Jack’s famous chicken sandwiches).



The release of the Snoop Munchie Meal garnered 17 million impressions in the first 24 hours it was live, with over 2.4 billion by its conclusion. This was followed by another wave of media coverage for the Dogg in Tha Box activation in Inglewood, which received 1.4 billion impressions nationwide and brought the total placements for the campaign to nearly 400. Headlines traced back to Jack’s overarching goal of reinforcing its title as the King of Late Night, with sentiments like “California legends Jack in the Box and Snoop Dogg unite for limited edition Munchie Meal,” and “Snoop Dogg gets the munchies with ​Jack in the Box.” Coverage landed across local and national broadcasts, in QSR trade outlets, and in business and lifestyle media, amplifying Jack’s message to customers, investors, thought leaders, and beyond.


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