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It's Time For Supreme Court Term Limits

Finalist in Non-Profit, Medium-Length Video, Social Good Campaign, Animation


The Brennan Center for Justice developed a national digital campaign to build public support for Supreme Court term limits.


We partnered with the agency Brand New School to develop a campaign video highlighting the regressive and anti-democratic rulings of the Supreme Court and the urgent need for a Court that reflects and protects the values and needs of the American people. 

The animation of diorama vignettes use the power of archival imagery to guide us through historical decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States. Devastating decisions like Dredd Scott or Roe v. Wade, with the losses overshadowing the wins, reminding the viewer of the urgent need for Court reform — and point to term limits as the clear solution.

The campaign video ran on YouTube, Hulu, Univision, and across social media platforms.



The video amassed over 5.8 million views via organic and paid placements, with 47% of viewers watching the entire video.

Our campaign geo-targeting members of Congress and their staff produced even stronger retention — with 72% of viewers watching the whole video.

The video made a compelling case for reform and drove people to act. Since the launch of our campaign, nearly 25 thousand people have responded with over 73 thousand emails and calls of support to DC lawmakers.


Video for It's Time For Supreme Court Term Limits

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Brennan Center for Justice


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