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Hyundai IONIQ 6 | Your Dad Is Going Electric

Finalist in Integrated Campaign


With the launch of IONIQ 6 in February of 2023, Hyundai wanted to... 


Hyundai wanted to entertain and educate the next generation of car buyers to increase awareness around Hyundai’s newest entry into the EV category, the IONIQ 6. 

Debuted to Americans during the biggest marketing moment of the year—the Super Bowl—IONIQ 6 needed to be ubiquitous without the luxury of airing an ad during the game.  Combining a targeted social influencer campaign with big ticket linear sports inventory, Hyundai IONIQ 6 was going to rewrite the Super Bowl playbook.  Buckle up indeed! 


Hyundai’s rationale for shifting away from the standard Super Bowl playbook was straight forward: rather than investing in one moment, Hyundai strategically pulsed new content and high impact inventory around other brands Super Bowl stunts and leveraged digital and social as the foundational platforms for this campaign.   

Hyundai assembled a Super Squad of Creators – with new content rolling out each week leading up to the Big Game – selecting those that truly have their own POV to ensure the message was authentic and the content entertaining to a wide variety of audiences. 


To extend reach and support amplification of the social and linear efforts, Hyundai leveraged an array of high-profile of banner placements, including... 


Hyundai hit the accelerator increasing IONIQ 6’s content presence across all major social platforms, making the campaign completely unavoidable with…    

Not only did the IONIQ 6 campaign win YouTube’s AdBlitz, TikTok dubbed the campaign a “masterclass in co-creation and community storytelling” for the way Hyundai “seamlessly incorporated brand messaging while adhering to creative principles that help content take off on TikTok.”


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Canvas Worldwide, Hyundai


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