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Intel Core Ultra Canada Launch Moment

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On December 14th, when Intel Core Ultra Processors launched globally, our mission was clear: extend the excitement to the Canadian market with a vibrant, integrated mass awareness campaign centered around social media. Our goal was to not just inform, but to engage the audience in a festive moment they couldn't resist engaging with.

The launch of Intel Core Ultra Processors represented Intel’s foray into AI, a key priority across the technology sector. For Intel Canada, this is slated to be a cornerstone product and top priority heading into 2024.

The client challenged us to come up with a social media strategy to accompany a billboard "takeover" of Yonge-Dundas Square - a major public square in the City of Toronto that is sometimes referred to as Canada's "Time Square."  We knew immediately that we needed to encourage people in the area to "look up" and take note of the ads - we felt that a "flash mob" moment would be an impactful way to interrupt the hustle and bustle and draw attention to Intel.

The clients also expressed an interest in an Influencer/Creator integration. Again, we felt the idea of a holiday-themed "flash mob" in Yonge-Dundas Square would create a moment worth sharing on social, and we set out to ensure that influencers would be on hand to capture it all. 


Our strategy

In response to a last-minute opportunity, we swiftly developed a plan to capitalize on the Yonge-Dundas Square billboard takeover. Despite receiving a last-minute brief and only having two weeks to plan, prepare, and execute, we leveraged our agility and creativity to execute a dynamic campaign for the launch of Intel Core Ultra Processors in Canada. Our strategy revolved around creating a memorable Intel branded moment integrating a flash mob, influencers, and a multi-channel content plan to ensure maximum visibility and impact beyond the billboards. 

Barriers and Challenges

Tight Timelines: We were faced with the hurdle of navigating tight timelines while juggling varying logistics for the launch moment including securing permits for a public space activation at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, booking talent, rehearsals, coordinating influencers, and the development and execution of a live and post-event content strategy. 

Standing Out Amongst the Crowd: Additionally, given the timing of the launch, occurring in the midst of the holiday season we needed to engage passersby, creating an unforgettable social moment while also contending with multiple activations and vendors in the space, including a holiday-themed carnival. We used this obstacle to our advantage and staged our "flash mob" to unfold in front of the carnival as a backdrop. Strategically positioning our flash mob to unfold in front of the carnival as a backdrop, enhanced the overall festive atmosphere and maximized engagement.

Virtual Rehearsals: Another obstacle we encountered was the necessity of virtual rehearsals for the flash mob due to the nature of the talent-sourcing process. Despite this challenge, we embraced technology and conducted remote rehearsals to ensure that our performance was polished and impactful on the day of the event.


Exceeding Expectations: Despite the initial hurdles, our campaign's success speaks volumes. We not only met but exceeded the client's expectations by orchestrating a memorable event that left a lasting impression on attendees and online audiences alike. Our ability to adapt to last-minute challenges and seamlessly integrate various elements of the campaign – from live activations to influencer partnerships and digital amplification – set us apart in delivering a unique and impactful launch for Intel Core Ultra Processors in the Canadian market.

Through collaborative efforts, creative problem-solving, and strategic execution, we turned obstacles into opportunities and delivered outstanding results that exceeded all expectations.


Leveraging an innovative strategy and captivating content, we achieved remarkable results including:

Additionally, our campaign provided exposure to 600,000 daily downtown Toronto visitors, effectively engaging our target audience and amplifying the launch moment across multiple platforms.

The product is only just now beginning to roll out in the market so while the campaign impact cannot be measured in terms of sales or conversions, the goal and object here was ultimately to launch the Intel Core Ultra brand and establish Intel Canada as a key player in the AI space. We exceeded our client's expectations and successfully shined a light on Intel Canada's client's Dundas Square billboard takeover.

While a billboard takeover had limited exposure to only those who were present in Yonge-Dundas Square at the time and hopefully looked up at the billboard we developed a social media strategy to complement the media campaign that extended the visibility from 600,000 to over 6 million impressions - demonstrating the incredible impact of social media, with a highly creative concept at its core.


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