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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Insight Tells. Foresight Sells – LinkedIn Sales Navigator Brand Campaign

Finalist in Business to Business, LinkedIn


“Insight Tells, Foresight Sells” campaign to shift perception of LinkedIn as not only a free professional networking tool to a revenue-driving sales intelligence platform that drives bottom-line growth. 

Combined with a full-funnel media strategy, this campaign supports the strategic objectives of shifting perceptions and  increasing unaided brand awareness of LinkedIn Sales Navigator amongst revenue driving professionals. 

Why “Insight vs Foresight”?
In the sales intelligence category, countless companies talk about providing "insights." Insights into buyers, industries, and contacts are the buzzwords of the day. But, after all, data isn’t that useful if you don’t know what to do with it. So, why settle for insight alone? We believe data truly shines when it's leveraged effectively.

So, what is Foresight? 
Foresight, on the other hand, transforms raw insights into actionable strategies. It enables you to pinpoint the right buyers, identify promising leads, extract valuable information, and ultimately guide you toward the right course of action.

Foresight: Our Differentiator
Foresight is the heart of our campaign, and it's the flag we plant in the ground. While insight undoubtedly informs, foresight is what truly sells. It's the driving force that sets us apart from the competition, and we're excited to showcase it.

Strategy and Execution

The first step was to refine our brand strategy while focusing on three key strategic pillars (who, what, how). The “who” gave our team an opportunity to redefine our target audience: Revenue Driving Professionals. We landed on this audience by analyzing numerous data sets across demographics, psychographics, pain points, drivers and category drivers. We know that this audience is highly focused on achieving and maximizing revenue generation and seeking efficiency within their organizations. 

The next step in our strategy was the “what”, where we refined our brand strategy mapping out our brand house including items such as our unique value proposition, our points of differentiation, our messaging frameworks and our RTBs. 

With this groundwork set, our team created our “how”. This defined our comms planning process to build a creative platform and media plan that would resonate with our audience and meet them where they are. For this campaign, we partnered with the WSJ and launched our campaign on YouTube and the LinkedIn Audience Network

We paired our strategy with today’s context. We know that in today’s world technology has proliferated selling spam and sales success is no longer defined by the ability to reach buyers but rather the ability to anticipate those most likely to convert. Every company in the sales intelligence space talks about insight, but we knew that Sales Navigator stands out because it can give you foresight. It takes insight and it makes it actionable - helping you focus on the right buyers, the right leads, the right ins and the right info so you’ll know which action to take. 

Through the steps taken above, we created a brand campaign that would address day-to-day issues sellers face in an attention-grabbing way. We took creative risks to instill humor and to create a design that would have stopping power in the market. We launched 4 videos in the market as well as static assets to help drive home the message of insight vs. foresight and the power of Sales Navigator. 



We defined success as shifting consideration of LinkedIn as not only a social networking tool but also a crucial sales intelligence tool for revenue driving professionals and we are pleased with the early results we are seeing to date. 

We partnered with IPSOS to understand the impact of our creative. Results so far indicate that our creative is resonating with above average recall metrics, driving shifts in consideration of Sales Navigator and lifts in brand awareness for LinkedIn. We’re also seeing notable creative recall with 40% of surveyed respondents answering yes to having seen at least one of our ads recently. 

Campaign Metrics z

Additionally, mid-campaign results show that we are above goal/benchmark for reach (76M +) and impressions (170M +) across all three of our primary platforms – LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Wall Street Journal.



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