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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

How Internet Trendsetters Broke Through for Nexxus’ Unbreakable Care

Finalist in Beauty

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When it came time to launch their new Unbreakable Care line, Nexxus knew that to stand out in crowded hair care aisles, they had to first stand out in (even more) crowded social media feeds. Competitors were already flooding TikTok and Instagram with consistent content, so it was clear that Nexxus needed to level up significantly. We worked with them to determine the most effective way to make headway (no pun intended), developing a massive influencer approach that would check two critical boxes: make Unbreakable Care desirable, and make Unbreakable Care credible, ultimately getting the line in hands and on hair.

Strategy and Execution

To get the Unbreakable Care line to break through, we had to communicate desirable and credible. To do this, we partnered with 26 influencers who fell into one of two groups. The first cohort was built around Internet Tastemakers, the mega-star creators setting beauty and style trends. The second was hair stylists and creators with credentials, the experts literally executing those styles and speaking to the science behind the product.


Our Tastemakers—beauty and lifestyle influencers like Alix Earle, Emilie Kiser, and Lauren Wolfe—were some of the biggest names on TikTok and Instagram. And that status was key: the Unbreakable Care line is targeted at those experiencing thin, thinning, or damaged hair, which is a topic rarely discussed amongst women, so having Internet icons share their stories helped mitigate any potential shame or stigma. Not only did their content discuss barriers they had to overcome and what results looked like after using the Unbreakable Care products, but they also included shop links to drive sales. Alix Earle’s post was even one of the first ever to use a TikTok Comment Anchor, before the feature was even officially released, allowing viewers to click a link at the top of the comment section which directed them immediately to purchase.


These stories were complemented by our content from experts in hair care. We tapped professionals to speak on different types of thin and thinning hair, providing their thoughts on the science and ingredients of the line and ultimately validating the Tastemakers’ content. Credibility? Check.


Results were strong. Unbreakably strong. The brand saw an enormous (and immediate) sales impact, and we surpassed benchmarks across the board for media performance. The stellar results proved that when style and science come together—and Tastemakers and experts join forces—a product launch can go from “new” to “go-to,” in a few weeks flat.


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