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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Highsnobiety TikTok

Entered in TikTok Presence


Highsnobiety is a fashion and youth culture media company. Our TikTok aims to inspire and influence our dedicated community with original curated event coverage (Fashion Weeks, award shows, and F1 events) and educational videos on new brands, products, and brands, within the fashion, luxury, and trend space. As a rule we don’t regurgitate press releases, or echo what has already been covered by other media companies; we trust that our audience is already engaged and dedicated to fashion and trends and so we aim to deliver them never-before-seen, original short videos. 

Strategy and Execution

Event Coverage: Our team is the first on the scene at major cultural events that matter to our audience, namely F1 Races and Fashion Weeks. Rather than bombarding our audience with everything from these events, we curate the best shows and moments, pointing out key trends in the process, and giving our viewers an immersive and educational window into these events.

Original Features and Content: To complement the journalism Highsnobiety does on our .com and magazine, we also package these brand moments across Instagram in a way that feels native to the platform (and not just an add-on to the work we are doing online). We share impactful images and quotes from our stories that inspire our followers to dive deeper, but also still give them full context, rather than just resorting to click bait or trying to direct our followers to other places to learn more.

Inspiration and new ideas: Our team creates original videos about key products and brands in the space — these include unboxing videos of highly sought after products, green-screen history deep dives into key brands, voice-over videos at fashion shows and events to further educate our viewers, and man-on-the-street videos.


We've seen unprecedented growth last year. Our content has been mentioned in NYT, GQ, Financial Times, and more. We've started news cycles from our TikTok reporting from calling out the demise of the streetwear brand Supreme to reporting on the numerous anti-trans bills passed in the United States. We’ve seen record engagement numbers for our original features. Additionally, we’ve seen a huge uptick in engagement and performance of our original videos and social series. We believe our influence is because of our ability to not only report on culture but shape it.


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