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Hampton University School of Religion Launch

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The announcement of the Hampton University School of Religion through a digital video campaign aimed to address the evolving needs of contemporary ministry by providing quality clergy training. The objective was to showcase the university's commitment to nurturing skilled spiritual leaders capable of navigating the complexities of 21st-century ministry. By highlighting the launch during the iconic Hampton Ministers Conference, the campaign sought to underline the school's role in bridging traditional Christian theology with modern challenges, particularly for first-generation Christians and rural pastors. The overarching goal was to communicate the school's unique approach, combining theological depth with practical skills, all within a culturally relevant and Afrocentric pedagogical framework.


The announcement of the Hampton University School of Religion was a pivotal moment, meticulously orchestrated to coincide with the President’s night at the university’s 109th Ministers’ Conference. By launching the School of Religion at the Ministers' Conference, established in 1914 and embodying Hampton's dedication to clergy education and inclusivity, the university not only honors a century-old tradition of informal training but also opens a new chapter where attendees can now pursue formal degrees, deepening the connection between faith and community.

The video poignantly showcased President Williams with his family's Bible, illustrating how deeply faith is intertwined with Hampton's values and President Williams's own leadership style. In his vision for the School, President Darrell K. Williams highlighted the School of Religion's role in embodying Hampton's principles, and embracing critical global issues such as race, class, and gender, resonating deeply in today's divided world.

Incorporating Executive Director Debra L. Haggins, PhD, MDiv, as a prominent figure in our video demonstrates the importance of her role in shaping the School of Religion. Her leadership displays Hampton's strategy of leveraging esteemed voices to underscore the school’s commitment to superior education and vision. In today's diverse and evolving religious landscape, especially within the African American context, the narrative we present is crucial. Hampton's newly established School of Religion seeks to merge the art and science of pastoral leadership, preparing scholars to propel cultural and spiritual conversations forward.

Our digital launch strategy for the School of Religion was crafted to engage and inspire, addressing how faith navigates modern challenges like ministering to multigenerational congregations and guiding first-generation Christians. The announcement was carefully planned to resonate with the Ministers’ Conference attendees, a community already engaged in the intersection of faith and societal issues, and garnering support for enrollment of the school thereby ensuring immediate and meaningful engagement.

Further, the campaign leveraged this significant moment to highlight the comprehensive academic offerings of the school, spanning Associate to Doctoral degrees, signifying the depth and breadth of education prospective students could anticipate. This emphasis on academic rigor, coupled with the school’s mission to engage with pressing global issues, was central to our messaging strategy, aiming to attract a diverse body of students and scholars passionate about making a difference through faith-based leadership and scholarship. 

Our campaign execution leveraged a multi-channel strategy, merging traditional media with engaging digital content, to propel our message beyond the conference, captivating a global audience. This intentional launch set the stage for discussions on the School of Religion's vital role in enriching our understanding of religion's influence on society and politics, thereby broadening Hampton's impact in these pivotal conversations.

The announcement launch, timed for impact and set in the symbolic Hampton University chapel, aimed beyond introducing a program. It sought to establish the School of Religion as a key force in preparing leaders to tackle today’s complexities with faith-based insight and academic rigor.


The digital launch of the Hampton University School of Religion at the109th Hampton Ministers Conference significantly exceeded our goals, securing 67 million impressions and highlighting our narrative's broad impact. Enhanced by Yahoo News coverage, our reach expanded to 60.1 million, demonstrating our ability to engage diverse audiences globally. This success translated into notable social media engagement, with substantial impressions on Twitter and Facebook, demonstrating our relevance to connect with a wide audience.

A significant outcome was the expressed interest from several national denominations in forming feeder school partnerships with the Hampton University School of Religion. This partnership highlights the significance of the School of Religion as a central institution for developing future leaders, demonstrating Hampton University's influence in preparing graduates to navigate modern challenges with insight and expertise.

Beyond metrics, the campaign achieved its fundamental objectives: raising awareness and fostering discussions about the HU School of Religion program among key stakeholders, including HBCUs and religious communities. The extensive digital presence and media coverage underscored our commitment to providing impactful clergy training, resonating with the needs of first-generation Christians and rural pastors.

This broad endorsement and engagement validate the campaign’s effectiveness in not only reaching but deeply connecting with our intended audience, sparking conversations and inspiring action towards faith-based leadership education. The overwhelming response and the achievement of our strategic goals affirm the School of Religion’s potential to significantly influence the future of ministry education, making this campaign a compelling contender for recognition.


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