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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Halloween Pet Costumes

Finalist in Instructional Video


Adobe Firefly was new to the market in 2023, and it quickly took off in social as a fun new thing to try and share in your feed. Our task was simple: make this more than just a short-lived social media trend. We needed to sustain this excitement and momentum, while continuing to showcase daily and relatable use cases with the product. Our audience is a combination of small business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators, designers, really anyone who is interested in flexing their creative muscles. With such a broad audience, we wanted to bring to life all the different ways that Adobe Firefly’s Gen AI could enhance your day-to-day creativity. To do so, all of our videos tapped into social media trends and cultural truths to uncover new use cases that were showcased in social-first tutorials. 


Strategy and Execution

The driving concept behind this work is pure play. Yes, Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill feature is a time saver and professional boon to any artist’s tool box, and yes, we needed to find a way to show exactly how to use it. But it also can be just a fun tool for daily laughs and smiles.

We wanted to show Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill feature in a way that made people want to try the feature. Experimentation with new tools so often happens in the downtime between projects, so we wanted to create an impetus to use it for fun. The tutorial element, however, is pragmatic enough that it can be used for personal projects or professional, straddling a line between fun and functional.  

We also maximized the use of the calendar. Halloween provided the ideal opportunity to peg our playful concept to a moment in culture.  We used the internet’s favorite visual - an adorable pet - and paired it with our own best stabs at making each other laugh. We carried that energy into the VO, as well, using silly voices to wrap a straightforward tutorial in a fun little Halloween candy wrapper. 



The video saw 85K views on both Instagram and TikTok and resonated with our followers. The comments on this video reflected that it not only showed a new use case, but it also served as just fun social content in your feed. Several users commented on which outfit they thought the dog wore best and said things like “Omg how cute!! That astronaut outfit is a winnerrrrr” and “These turned out too good haha”. 

Ultimately the goal of our content is to inspire new and interesting use cases with Adobe Firefly, and this video gave our audience just another way that they can be using Generative AI features on a daily basis. 



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Deutsch LA, Adobe


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