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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Gvoke HypoPen® x Beyond Type 1 "Let's Talk Lows" Campaign Kickoff

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To close out National Diabetes Awarenesss Month, in collaboration with nonprofit Beyond Type 1, Xeris Pharmaceuticals launched the kickoff of our "Let's Talk Lows" campaign - a unique opportunity to raise awareness about severe hypoglycemia, also known as "severe lows." The campaign kickoff shares an inspirational story about Shiloh Wilmoth, an energetic 14-year-old who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at four years old. To celebrate his 10-year "diaversary," Shiloh was not only surprised with tickets to see two professional sports teams (both which have a T1D player) at his first pro game, but he also got to meet his hero, Noah Gray, professional football player who also lives with type 1 diabetes. In Shiloh's eyes, Noah isn't just a pro football player - he's a beacon of hope. His tenacity and determination to face type 1 diabetes head on without giving up on his dreams has shown Shiloh that his own dreams never have to be sidelined because of the condition. Noah's story is a powerful testament to how proper education, tools, and support can empower people living with T1D that they're capable of great accomplishments. What binds Shiloh and Noah together goes beyond a passion for football - it's their shared experience living with and managing T1D, including severe hypoglycemia and tackling the condition heard on. Both Noah and Shiloh carry Gvoke HypoPen® (glucagon injection), a safety net which gives them the confidence to treat severe lows should an emergency situation occur.

Strategy and Execution

Shiloh's mom, Courtney, reached out to us via the Gvoke Instagram page to tell us her son's story after seeing one of our posts from our social media influencer campaign in collaboration with professional football player Noah Gray, who just so happens to be her son's hero both on the field and off. In less than a month, with only a few hands on deck, we pulled together a fully fledged campaign to tell Shiloh and Noah's stories of facing adversity while living with T1D and how much more confident and prepared they feel now that they have a safety net in Gvoke HypoPen® in case of a severe low blood sugar emergency. We pulled together multiple agencies, influencers and nonprofit Beyond Type 1 to bring these important stories to life in time to close out National Diabetes Awareness Month. When Shiloh was surprised with tickets to see his favorite player play, he was over the moon. But nothing could top meeting Noah before the game. Seeing his idol carrying Gvoke HypoPen® brought Shiloh a powerful sense of connection. Noah shared how education, support and proper diabetes management tools enable him to thrive with T1D. Hearing Noah’s story, Shiloh felt more confident that diabetes would not sideline him either.

Shiloh’s story is just one spotlighted by our “Let’s Talk Lows” campaign with Beyond Type 1. Together, we’re raising awareness about hypoglycemia, a common and potentially dangerous complication people with diabetes who take insulin or other medications known to cause low blood sugar. Severe low blood sugar, if untreated, can lead to tragic outcomes. Yet many patients and caregivers find existing glucagon kits cumbersome, causing critical delays. Our goal with Let’s Talk Lows is twofold:

  1. Educate patients, caregivers and the community that ready to use glucagon is a must-have. Rescue pens like Gvoke HypoPen® provide a simple-to-administer option to treat severe hypoglycemia.
  2. Inspire and empower people who live with diabetes to have hope. Noah Gray and Shiloh Wilmoth remind us that diabetes should not limit your passions or potential. With the right mindset, support and tools, anything is possible.

Shiloh’s story is an important reminder during National Diabetes Awareness Month and beyond. His determination exemplifies that diabetes diagnoses do not have to derail big dreams. We hope it opens minds, touches hearts and rallies communities to champion people with diabetes. Because when we come together to understand, educate and encourage, we all thrive.


As of 12/7, our TikTok video (posted 11/28) highlighting Shiloh and Noah's stories has received over 188.5K views, over 4,000 likes, and 27 comments. Our Instagram Reel (also posted 11/28) has reached over 328,000 accounts and has been liked 5,273 times, commented on 58 times, and shared with other accounts 192 times. Our accompanying longer-form video was just posted on YouTube on 12/7, and a blog and more social media posts will be shared on 12/8.


Video for Gvoke HypoPen® x Beyond Type 1 "Let's Talk Lows" Campaign Kickoff

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