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Adidas - 3 Ka Dream

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The primary objective of the Adidas '3 Ka Campaign' in collaboration with Radio Mirchi was to unite the passion and performance inherent in the game of cricket. The campaign aimed not just to celebrate the Cricket World Cup 2023 but to serve as a rallying call for unity, excellence, and the pursuit of cricketing glory. By leveraging the power of Radio Mirchi, the campaign sought to connect with fans on a deeper level, transcending geographical boundaries and making cricket a unifying force.


The strategy involved a multi-faceted approach, combining on-air engagement with physical presence in Adidas stores. The heart of the campaign was the creation of 'The Anthem of the Year' - 3 ka Dream, which was grooved upon by top Mirchi RJs. This anthem became the rallying cry for cricket enthusiasts, symbolizing the shared dream and passion for the game. Radio Mirchi, with its extensive reach, became the pulsating rhythm that connected fans with the emotional highs and lows of the Cricket World Cup.


RJ Vlogs provided an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the '3 Ka Campaign,' offering a backstage pass to the heart of the action. From jersey reveals to capturing epic fan moments, these vlogs served as a bridge between the campaign and its audience, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.


The '3 Ka Campaign' achieved remarkable results, with a total reach of 4,01,619 and impressions of 5,62,385. The campaign went beyond the confines of the cricket grounds, weaving a tale of triumph and unity. The collaboration between Adidas and Radio Mirchi became more than just a marketing campaign; it evolved into a celebration of the undying spirit of cricket. As the curtain falls on this extraordinary journey, we stand amidst cheers, laughter, and the resonating echo of the '3 Ka Campaign' anthem. Success lies not just in the numbers but in the shared moments, the connections forged, and the celebration of cricket's unifying spirit.


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Entertainment Network India Limited, Adidas India Private Limited


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