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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

‘grammable | adjective | suitable to be posted on the Instagram photo-sharing service

Bronze Honor in Instagram Presence


At the end of 2022, we took a long hard look at our Instagram page and realized that it was….average. Since we are the dictionary, we know that ‘average’ means “not out of the ordinary.” Our goal was to transform our Instagram into a vibrant, authentic, and culturally relevant page that celebrated the joy of words and become an account you HAD to follow. We believe that words are inherently interesting, alive, and personal; and we wanted to curate an Instagram page that embraced these truths. We measure the success of brand love by:  

Strategy and Execution

We set out to create content that was sharable, yet authentically true to Merriam-Webster brand and storied history. Since Twitter/X has always been our priority, we approached our Instagram strategy from a place of “let’s try it.” This mindset helped us quickly overcome the challenges of community indifference. By embracing the unknown and focusing on how people actually use the platform, we discovered three things that really worked for us. 

Our ability to quickly and honestly adapt to our community and platform helped us cultivate a passionate and inclusive fanbase. 



We exceeded our goal for 2023 and hope to continue our growth in 2024. Our team was able to create content in an agile way and discover what our community likes to engage with while remaining authentic to our brand voice and values. We dramatically grew our Instagram community and hopefully bought a little joy and dropped some knowledge. 

While we usually stick to words, we still value the importance of numbers. 

2022: 220k
2023: 517k 

Profile Reach
2022: 4.3M
2023: 55M

Profile Impressions
2022: 8.3M
2023: 88M

Post Engagement 
2022: 305k 
2023: 3.9M

Post Impressions
2022: 6.8M
2023: 70M



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