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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Google Pixel

Winner in TikTok Presence


Google Pixel set out to build an engaged technology community on TikTok. From dating, fashion, to tree climbing and city foraging. We showed our audience that you can get more out of life with a little bit of help from Pixel. Our work continued to evolve to reflect emerging trends, topics, and formats. And through testing, we were able to appeal to an audience that is typically hard to reach. We reached over 39M organic views and got 350K new followers. 

And built an incredible following and community of people who are excited to nerd out about tech. And changed how a younger generation thinks about tech.



Strategy and Execution

We launched the Pixel TikTok channel to help make the brand relevant amongst today’s most ambitious and creative consumers. Knowing the culture and best practices of TikTok are constantly shifting, we needed to stay relevant and relatable to drive awareness amongst Gen-Z audiences, which often meant experimenting with our content.

We started by mimicking TikTok native trends and formats - ASMR, text memes, filter play - but this soft approach lacked our defined voice and without showcasing our tech, it left our most committed fans asking for more. So, we pivoted to showcasing tech-first content, highlighting our unique tech with tips and tricks that every Pixel owner must know. Though resonating with Pixel’s biggest fans, these tutorials, use-case videos, and reviews lacked the cultural relevance and relatability to reach wider audiences and break through the TikTok algorithm. 

The tipping point came when we fused fun and features. By showing off the features in fun ways, we hit our sweet spot, like when we put Clear Calling to the test with apartment noises - hitting our first 1M view video.

This winning balance of features and fun helped us refine our channel purpose and eventually led to our current strategy - Pixel Vs. 

We discovered that to be relevant and relatable, we could pit Pixel against challenges (from everyday to extreme) to showcase the unique tech that can only be found on a Pixel. There’s no challenge to big for the Google Pixel, and with the device in your pocket, you can take on any challenge that comes your way - from identifying which plants can be used as toilet paper, out-witting call scammers, or even saving every group photo, the Google Pixel is showcasing how it seamlessly fits into your life on TikTok.


By pitting Pixel’s incredible features, with an emphasis in AI, against challenges ranging from the everyday to the extreme, we found success. 

In 2023…. 

We’ve posted 174 videos

Received over 39M organic views

Gained over 350,000 followers

Been liked 4.4M+ times

Exceeded industry standards for engagement and completion 

Beyond this Pixel inserted itself into social events like Coachella, the Grammy’s and GovBall, as well as trending topics and formats including Coquette, “We’re Pixel Users…” and more, to drive fame for the brand amongst today’s most ambitious and creative consumers.


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Google Pixel


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