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Godolkin University - Student ID Generator

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Serving as a spin-off from the highly successful cult Amazon Prime Video series ‘The Boys’, ‘Gen V’ is a young adult superhero series which sees young Superheroes, or (“Supes”), put through their mental and physical paces at the prestigious Godolkin University, where they all compete for a top ranking on the University’s leaderboard and, ultimately, a seat in The Seven, Vought international’s elite superhero team. 

To launch this new exciting chapter in the shared Boys universe, which targets a Gen Z audience, we assembled our own squad of superheroes to build an exciting digital “in-world” launch campaign, which would allow fans to enroll as students in this fictitious superhero school, meet the new cast of young adult superstars, and immerse themselves in the dark humor typified of ‘The Boys.’ 

As part of this in-world hub, the brief required a highly shareable element which could be expanded out for wider events promotion at the annual TwitchCon event held in Las Vegas. This came in the shape of a personalized shareable that resembled a student university campus ID, allowing newcomers to feel like part of the world. To further encourage fan participation and add a playful sense of competition, we aligned fans' interests and personality types to one of the two schools:; Lamplighter School of Crimefighting, or the Crimson Countess School of Performing Arts through a quiz mechanic. 

At the TwitchCon event, attendees could take the quiz and have their very own Godolkin University IDs printed on a plastic ID card and picked up at Amazon Prime Video’s booth. This extended the life-span on the ID Generator through to the premiere of ‘Gen V’ and gave fans at TwitchCon a customized physical keepsake in addition to the social shareability. 



Welcome to Godolkin University. To kick-off our development semester, we needed to follow strict exam criteria to meet all our strategic granite pillars. 


Explore Campus - In world web hub

To encourage deep immersion and encourage exploration of the show’s key setting, prospective ‘supe’ students could discover Godolkin University through several main content sections which mirrored the look and feel of a typical ivy league University website. These included:


To unite the whole experience tonally and stylistically, the site was written in a voice which would connect more meaningfully to our target Gen Z demographic, whilst infusing the much-loved dark humor of The Boys to give it a distinctive touch and edge. 


What Kind of Super Are You? - Student ID Generator: 


Wider promotion at TwitchCon: 


Passing the Super test with flying colors, the launch campaign earned over 117k site visitors to the God U official website, with an average user time of 2m 42s on the ID generator feature page, indicating exceptional levels of engagement amongst our target audience. 

Aspiring in the footsteps of our heroes, we connected to our GenZ demographic with the sparky young cast members creating and sharing their own official ID cards. This organic discovery amplified the reach of our campaign with over 30k ID’s shared online! 

At the TwitchCon live event, our Amazon Prime Video Booth received A+ ratings with over 1.3k IDs printed at the event., further enhancing brand visibility and engagement amongst all its attendees.

Our prestigious campaign grossed a lot of earned media, with Variety and Collider amongst the many prestigious publishers who highlighted the in-world experience.



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Powster, Gen V, Amazon Prime Video


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