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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

"Go to The Met" Institutional Campaign

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After rebuilding strong and steady attendance following reopening after COVID, The Met aimed to focus its efforts directly on engaging New Yorkers – the vibrant pulse of NYC – and entice them to discover its world-class offerings conveniently located in their own backyard.

The objective was to create a promotional commercial that seamlessly integrated the fabric of the city, inspiring and encouraging both new, returning, and all local New Yorkers to embrace The Met as their hometown museum. The commercial was intended to convey the message that the museum has something unique to offer for everyone, embodying the spirit and diversity of New York City.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy involved crafting a multi-media campaign centered around authentic voices from the heart of New York City. Instead of hiring actors or celebrities, we sought out genuine New Yorkers whose passion for The Met was palpable. Our aim was to capture their sincere enthusiasm on video, resonating with audiences who may not typically consider visiting the museum.

Notably, this marked the rare occasion where The Met granted permission for an advertising agency to shoot a video campaign onsite. With just one day at our disposal, our team embarked on a mission to cover the entirety of the museum's vast expanse, spanning 2.2 million square feet. From the majestic Greek and Roman galleries to the captivating Egyptian wing, the tranquil Asian collection to the evocative Islamic galleries, the iconic Impressionist wing to the vibrant contemporary collection, we meticulously curated a diverse array of settings to showcase the breadth and depth of The Met's offerings.

At the core of our approach was a simple yet profound question posed to each participant: "Why do you go to The Met?". This foundational query served as the guiding light, eliciting responses that were deeply personal and resonant. Each individual brought a unique perspective and story, contributing to the richness and authenticity of the final piece.


The impact of our campaign extended across various media platforms, reaching audiences through a diverse array of channels including local media, digital platforms, print media, radio, social media, and outdoor advertising spaces such as subway liveboards and LinkNYC screens.

Key results of our campaign included:

These results not only highlight the campaign's success in generating widespread awareness and interest but also underscore its effectiveness in fostering meaningful connections with the audience, ultimately driving positive outcomes for The Met.


Video for "Go to The Met" Institutional Campaign

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AKA NYC, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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