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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Gamefam, Havas Play & Livewire Launch First Brand Integration in Fortnite Creative Game

Finalist in Interactive Content

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Despite a YoY increase in cinema admissions in 2023, the industry continues to battle the longstanding effects of the pandemic. Each theatrical release is make or break for a distributor. Heightened for small, independent distributors that don’t benefit from the financial backing of blockbuster studios that the likes Warner Bros. Discovery, Fox and Disney do. One such UK independent distributor facing dwarfed budgets by this level of competition was Altitude. The release of horror movie Talk to Me in July 2023 really was Altitude’s make-or-break moment… their one chance to win.

Despite its gripping storyline, Altitude expected a tough market for Talk to Me – it was releasing amid the Barbenheimer craze, it didn’t have the influence and cult following of recognisable talent like Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer), and it was squaring off with other popular horror franchise releases at the time (Meg and Insidious). Unlike the competition, Altitude started with an awareness base level of zero.

In a David and Goliath story of marketing a film in a market with no room for error, Altitude teamed up with Gamefam (the leading metaverse game developer), Havas and Livewire to bring an immersive gaming experience for Talk to Me  to Fortnite ahead of premiere – ultimately intended to drive buzz and steer Gen Z and Alpha players to the box office. 

A domino effect ensued. The Fortnite game campaign sparked a Talk to Me film that went viral, smashed box office expectations, and secured a sequel by the time the campaign had finished.

Strategy and Execution


Talk to Me marketing demanded blockbuster scale. We needed to drive visibility amongst the widest possible audience. With limited budgets, paid reach alone could not deliver the penetration required. The need for disruption was clear within an indistinguishable horror category curtailed by age and creative restrictions, where most releases rely on OOH and Social with similar imagery. Following traditional marketing strategies would leave Talk to Me to fall flat.

Our approach: double down where our core audiences (18-29 horror fans) spent most of their time. Specifically, 45% of 18-29 horror fans have a very strong gaming affinity, as well as 36% of 30-40 horror fans (TGI, Q123) allowing us to simultaneously reach periphery audiences. 


Now is when we should ask… Ever wondered what it would be like to be immersed inside your favorite scary movie… as the main character? 

That’s where the idea for a first-of-its-kind Fortnite activation for the hit horror movie Talk to Me came from. Altitude, Gamefam, Havas and Livewire, dropped players worldwide into the worst nightmare by putting them into the middle of Talk to Me’s gut-wrenching story that is centered around a mysterious embalmed hand that allows the holder to communicate with the dead – with terrifying consequences.

The limited-time activation took place inside Gamefam’s popular Fortnite game, Deadpines: Zombie Survival – where players face hordes of bloody zombies. To date, Deadpines has accumulated 22 million play sessions and previously ranked among the top 5 Creative mode games on Fortnite. 

The Talk to Me game in Deadpines had players battle through torrential rain & lightning to enter a haunted house and confront a terrifying fusion of supernatural horror and fight-to-survive combat. Players were transported to notable movie settings like the Séance Room and Hospital, which were recreated in meticulous detail within Deadpines. 

Launching ahead of the film’s premiere (Jul. 17-Aug.13, 2023), the Fortnite experience not only set the stage for players to learn about and get excited for Talk to Me, but ultimately leading to smash records at the box office. 

Working with influencers and streamers, including Fortnite icons like Lachlan and film producers Racka Racka,  we elevated awareness, naturally showing the film and game integration and tap into their loyal followings in an authentic and engaging way. 


As with any campaign, the  creative development process posed a few challenges:


Thanks to the collaborative efforts of all partners, the results were stellar:


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Gamefam, Havas Play, Havas Entertainment & Livewire, Altitude Films


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