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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Micro-Influencer Strategy

Gold Honor in Unboxing Video

Audience Honor in Unboxing Video

Entered in Gamification, Multi-Platform Presence


As key players in the gaming space, Lenovo and Nahimic have a strong sense of dedication and passion for supporting members of the gaming community – particularly its diverse, emerging creators. Lenovo & Nahimic conceived the #GameChanger campaign as a way to show up for this community in a real way, and collaborate with micro-influencers to make a game changing impact in the space. 

While many gaming campaigns utilize large creators for high volume reach, Lenovo and Nahimic instead engaged a wide, diverse pool of creators, with a focus on micro-influencers, to share authentic and trusted product experiences with their gaming laptops, and thus driving brand awareness and advocacy amongst audiences.

With a multiplatform approach, #GameChanger not only provided 40 creators with the tools to elevate their gaming and content creating experiences, but also inspired them to pay the goodwill forward to foster a sense of positivity and community across key platforms in the gaming space. This campaign strategy was rooted in building bridges between gamers, and encouraging them to support one another on their individual journeys. Through the creative strategy and execution of the #GameChanger boxes and the challenges within, Lenovo and Nahimic designed a web of content and creators to support and promote one another. Through the #GameChanger boxes, Lenovo and Nahimic equipped the creators to not only support their own brand objectives, but creators’ personal goals, as well as the gaming community overall.


Strategy and Execution

The #GameChanger campaign activated 40 diverse gaming creators, with a focus on micro-influencers, reaching across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Partnering with micro-influencers, as opposed to larger creators, created more opportunities for a larger number of emerging creators, as well as the opportunity for brands to reach more diverse audiences within the gaming space.

Once identified based on the creative and strategic fit, each of the 40 creators were gifted a custom designed and individually personalized #GameChanger box, which included:

Once creators received their package, they were tasked to create #GameChanger content on their respective channels, utilizing the contents of the box with their own personal voice and style.

The Laptop. Creators were eager to show off their brand new Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, sharing their favorite details and features, hitting home the brands' objectives of product messaging, and recognizing the micro-influencers' loyal audiences. In line with Lenovo and Nahimic’s objective of supporting the gaming community, the gifted Legion gaming laptops created new gaming and content creating possibilities for the emerging creators, who noted in their campaign content that they had always wanted to be able to “game and edit on the go”. Additionally, each creator received personalized gaming setup items, which they were excited to set up in their spaces. By providing a top tier gaming device in each #GameChanger box, alongside items to enhance their gaming setup, Lenovo and Nahimic elevated each creators’ gaming experience and set them up for success on their journeys as content creators.

The Challenges. It didn’t just stop there. Lenovo and Nahimic set out to inspire creators to pay it forward. Through the Challenge Cards in each box, Lenovo and Nahimic gamified and challenged the creators to support fellow gaming creators. With each challenge completed, came a prepared reward in the #GameChanger box. One Challenge Card instructed creators to leave supportive comments on another emerging creator's content, and then treat themselves with a sweet reward in the box. Another Challenge Card included gaming gift cards that creators were tasked to gift to another creator. As a reward for this completed kind act, the creators themselves were also gifted with gaming gift cards. Creators featured these challenges in their channel content, further spreading the message of the #GameChanger program to their audiences. In addition to incentivizing a chain reaction of kind acts, these challenges resulted in creators directly supporting the performance of each other's program content as well. The #GameChanger initiative reinforced a sense of community in the world of gaming, which is often notorious to be one of competition. 

This strategy, while untraditional in many ways, successfully demonstrated the power of a network of micro-influencers in driving awareness and engagement for a brand, and making a game changing impact on their community.


With the goals of building brand awareness and driving engagement, the program received over 1.4M impressions (organic) across over 150 pieces of content. In collaboration with 40 creators, with a focus on micro-influencers, the program also garnered over 246k engagements, and 41.6k watch hours from the Twitch and YouTube content alone.

The #Gamechanger content also saw 100% positive comment sentiment from viewers and followers across program content at the time of launch, acknowledging the support and love from Lenovo and Nahimic for their beloved creators.

Most importantly, all of the creators were excited about being given the opportunity to partner with large brands like Lenovo and Nahimic, for many of which was a new experience. Aside from the material gift of the Legion laptop, creators left the campaign with a genuine excitement to continue their growth as gamers and creators. Lenovo and Nahimic were able to directly impact members of the community and inspire them to play their part in sharing the positivity.



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