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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

FROM Season 2 Organic Social Strategy

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They’re stuck…what now? After a hugely successful Season 1, FROM Season 2 had a lot of hype to live up to. With lingering questions and new ones constantly popping up, GLOW was tasked with creating an organic social campaign that kept up fan enthusiasm and galvanized our small but mighty audience to invite others to join us in this mysterious town.

Strategy and Execution

Taking learnings from Season 1, we knew FROM’s biggest assets going into Season 2 were its beloved cast and culminating mystery. Season 2 also leaned more into the psychological thriller genre, which created an opportunity to expand our audience base. With talent, mystery, and psychological thriller as our three main tenets, we curated platform specific content across Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok, cultivating a digital home for the FROMily (FROM fans) to gather, converse and find information throughout season 2. 


With a very active cast on social media, GLOW leaned into FROM’s talent by amplifying, collabing and highlighting their incredible craft and shining a light on their personal thoughts on the series. In order to build the mystery and fester a healthy obsession, GLOW pushed teasers and curious quote cards (or clues) to keep the FROMily on their toes and wanting more answers with each passing week. Lastly to keep horror, frights and mind-bending questions at the forefront, GLOW ensured jumpscares, phobias and the creepiest content was readily available for the FROMily to consume each week. For the grand finale, GLOW helped manage an Instagram Live for the cast members to converse with each other but also with the fans directly. They shared personal favorite memories from filming, their own personal theories for season 3 and answered fan questions live from the @FROMonMGM account. 

Ultimately GLOW created an interactive, online space for talent, fans and brand to engage with one another throughout the 10+ week show period and continues to engage the fandom while they patiently wait for season 3.   


FROM characters and fans alike are wondering if it’s all just a dream, but while these results may seem dreamlike, they are 100% real. Over the course of Season 2, GLOW doubled FROM’s total follower footprint and more than tripled engagements compared to Season 1. 


Fan sentiment was exceptional as many fans were demanding for multiple seasons, sending general praise to MGM+ for the incredible production, and some provided recommendations to their own friends about the show that has them hooked! 


Throughout Season 2, GLOW helped MGM+ garner 58.2M total impressions, 13.9M video views, 51.4K new followers, and 3.01M content responses across FROM’s owned channels.


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GLOW Creative Agency, MGM+


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