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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Fixing the bAIs

Gold Honor in Generative AI, Social Activism

Bronze Honor in Social Good Campaign


Despite significant progress women have made to make workplace gender discrimination illegal, the world still faces gender inequality, especially in the workplace. With AI on the rise, a hidden issue emerges: women are overlooked in a future shaped by AI, as Generative AI is not ruled by law. It tends to reproduce human biases, particularly against women. AI, powered by biased datasets, can perpetuate gender stereotypes and inequalities, affecting women's representation and opportunities, and regressing years of progress for women in the workplace. 

Data from MIT and UNESCO state that AI image-generating tools think 97% of professionals are men. 

Our client, Aurora50, a leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Impact Agency in GCC, that promotes inclusive workplaces and diverse leadership, aimed to combat this bias, not just in real-world workplaces but also in the virtual world.

Strategy and Execution

Originating from MIT and UNESCO data, the campaign addresses the alarming impact of biased datasets on AI, especially in perpetuating anti-female biases. The brand is driven by an unwavering passion to create a world where: - diversity is celebrated - equity is a reality - and inclusion is the new norm. Every action they take and every initiate we embark upon is driven by a deep and genuine passion for positive change and impact. 

After witnessing the bias in image generating tools firsthand we reasearched on how can the same be fixed and our breakthrough moment arose when we recognized the transformative potential of leveraging AI to combat its own biases. This lead to the core idea…

Fixing the bAIs.

We used AI to fix AI itself.

We turned the tables on AI using its own tools—Midjourney, DALL-E2, and Stable Diffusion. We created a huge databank of inclusive and diverse images of women in various professions. We removed gender from their metadata (file names, tags, and descriptions) and added this powerful database to, Our website,, became the hub, disseminating these game-changing images to stock image banks, social media, and the open datasets used to train AI. Crafting over 80,000 inclusive and diverse images of women, we injected diversity directly into AI's veins and started teaching AI that all professionals can be women, too.
This insight spurred a targeted approach, engaging influential figures in AI industry, policymakers, and societal representatives. Witnessing firsthand how AI image-generating tools failed to represent women in diverse professions ignited a crucial conversation. This pivotal insight fueled the campaign's transformative impact, catalyzing a global movement against gender bias in AI.

Beyond pixels, we educated youth through inclusive AI workshops and hosted summits on diversity. We didn't just address a problem but created a lifelong solution. With a global army of supporters, we birthed a perpetual community, a lifelong generator of images on our discord channel, dismantling AI bias, one prompt at a time. 

The desired outcome was tangible change, influencing global perceptions and contributing to legislative changes, particularly in AI. This comprehensive understanding formed the basis for a strategy positioning Aurora50 as a beacon of global change.


Fixing the bAIs didn't just address the problem, but created a long and lasting solution.

The campaign contributed to passing of first regulation on Artificial Intelligence, the EU's AI Act, which deems bias in datasets unacceptable, adopted by 52 countries at the EU parliament. 

Emerging from a small startup in the Middle East, Aurora50 now stands as a global beacon of change, igniting one of the most significant dialogues on gender equality in the workplace with the highest echelons of political power, through the innovative use of AI. Aurora50 is not only revolutionising workplaces but also reshaping global perceptions and policies, marking a significant stride towards inclusivity and equality worldwide.


Video for Fixing the bAIs

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MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC, Aurora50


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