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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Fastest Uploaders

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Internet users everywhere just want their internet to be consistently fast and reliable. And that’s especially true when it comes to video conferencing, live streaming, and uploading content. But cable internet companies intentionally ignore the importance of upload speeds and blast the market with misleading download speed messages. 

People also tend to tune out technical details unless they understand what’s in it for them. While it is logical that faster upload speeds are better, we needed to capture our audience’s attention amid the endless scroll of content and create a celebration of speed to pique their interest. By featuring real people on the internet whose fame and following is centered around speed, we captured fun, relevant stories to drive home our speed message. It didn’t hurt that these folks had strong followings and influence which would help spread our message among key audiences. Our goal was to provide clarity around speed and internet performance, further distinguishing our brand and motivating people to consider us or choose us.



Strategy and Execution

When Max Park set a world record in June 2023 by solving the Rubik’s Cube in 3.13 seconds, he needed upload speeds that are even faster to share it, and other amazing videos, with his 180k Instagram followers.

To demonstrate the importance of Frontier Fiber’s superior upload speeds, we created a social campaign featuring Park, as well as Rock Middleton (the world’s fastest dribbler with 42.6k followers on Instagram) and the Gardiner Brothers (two of the world’s fastest dancers with over 350 million views on social media). 

The videos featuring these remarkably fast and thumb-stopping content creators explain why faster uploads are critical. After all, if it’s fast enough for what they do, it’s fast enough for whatever you do.

Even though each are content creators and we wanted to let them shoot on their own, we also need to maintain a level of control. To achieve this, each were sent drop kits loaded with an iPhone 13 Pro Max, a ring light with tripod, and a microphone—all pre-assembled so it was ready to go right out of the box.  

Our partners, Gear 7, uploaded software onto the phone in advance so we could stream into the shoot as if we were the camera. This allowed us to control the lensing and upload the footage into the cloud throughout the shoot. 




By showing people our superior speed offering, we were able to drive up consideration and purchase intent, especially in our key markets: California and Texas. While we enjoy strong brand awareness, moving people down the funnel is always a challenge, so we were very pleased with these results. It was also great to see positive social sentiment for the brand in a category where neutral or negative sentiments are common.



Video for Fastest Uploaders

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Hill Holliday, Frontier Communications


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