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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Minnesota Vikings: Family Mic'd

Finalist in Vertical Video


Family Mic’d is a short-form, vertical video series featuring Vikings’ players’ wives as they watch their husbands play in the NFL. The series showcases a unique viewing perspective of the games while giving viewers something everyone can relate to: how we support our loved ones.

The objective of the project was to show viewers the emotion of a football game through an off-field perspective, while bringing them closer who they players are as people by showing the personalities of who they love most. Additionally, Family Mic’d gives viewers a rarely-showcased aspect of NFL Lifestyle through the gameday perspective of players’ families since their gamedays are different from average fans.

Strategy and Execution

Core strategies:


Identify a player and/or family member that we think would make for an interesting perspective and entertaining feature. Once they’re on board, we figure out how and where to set up the cameras for the game. On the editing side, we look for funny, relatable, or exciting moments that happened throughout the game to make 30-90 second compilation edits. Since the goal of the series is to connect with new audiences, specifically female and Gen Z, we knew we had to keep the edits short and snackable.

Technologies utilized

GoPros, Rode Wireless mics, and PremierePro were used to execute this project.


This season, Family Mic’d received:

This projects humanizes NFL players by giving viewers a personal and relatable glimpse into the people closest to them. By seeing who the players love, viewers can learn more about who they are and what they value. Additionally, Family Mic’d is helping to break the stigma of NFL wives being just their looks. We see that these women are intelligent, normal people that happen to be living a unique lifestyle.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Minnesota Vikings


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