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Be Exceptional

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Local Campaign, Wine, Beer & Spirits


ABC's objectives for this brand awareness campaign were multifaceted yet aligned with the evolving consumer landscape in Cambodia. The primary goal was to solidify its position as the beer of success by engaging and recruiting the younger generation while staying relevant to its current consumers.

The campaign's core objective was to leverage its "Be Exceptional" tagline to drive meaningful differentiation and salience, thereby increasing mental availability and enhancing brand perception. ABC recognized the imperative to bridge the generational gap, particularly targeting the rising dynamic and youthful Cambodian generation, who represent the nation's future and embody aspirations for a better life.

To achieve these objectives, ABC meticulously crafted its messaging and product offerings. Introducing ABC Reserve, a whisky-infused brew tailored to the tastes of younger drinkers, exemplified the brand's commitment to innovation and relevance. The subsequent TVC, OLV, and social assets aimed to unify disparate age groups under a cohesive narrative, celebrating success and inclusivity while fostering a sense of belonging and aspiration.

By tapping into the aspirations and desires of Cambodia's 20-to-40-year-old demographic, ABC sought to align its brand identity with the evolving values of modern Cambodian society. Through compelling storytelling and strategic engagement across various touchpoints, the campaign aimed to attract new audiences and reinforce loyalty among existing consumers.

ABC's objectives were more than mere brand awareness; they were striving to cultivate a deeper connection with consumers and position themselves as more than just a beer but a reflection of the new definition of success in Cambodia's dynamic landscape.


Our strategy revolved around deep consumer insights, authentic storytelling, and our unique brand-out creative approach – using Distinctive Brand Assets, digital best practices, and a digital-first approach, to build a campaign that was distinctively ABC. We aimed to build a new memory structure and greater recall while bridging the generational gap whilst celebrating success in a meaningful way.

We began by collaborating closely with HEINEKEN Cambodia’s Consumer & Market Insights team, delving into the aspirations and values of urban Cambodians in their 20s and 30s. Through extensive consumer research and in-person engagements, we uncovered a profound truth: success, for this emerging generation, is about more than individual achievement—it's about inspiring and uplifting others. We coined them as "Lion-hearted Achievers," individuals who define success on their terms and find fulfillment in sharing their journey with others.

Building upon ABC's existing tagline, "Be Exceptional," we reinterpreted it to resonate with both the older generation, who aspired to traditional notions of success, and the younger demographic, who sought a more holistic and inclusive definition. This led to our creative springboard "Achieve Your Dreams So You Inspire Others," empowering individuals to carve out their unique paths while inspiring those around them.

To bring this vision to life, we embarked on a whirlwind three-day shoot, enlisting over a hundred extras to infuse authenticity into our storytelling. We transformed real locations, including an abandoned building turned nightclub, to capture the essence of shared success and pride.

Our storytelling unfolded through a series of TVCs and side quests, each showcasing unconventional successes that resonated with the younger audience's aspirations. Ensuring we focused on ABC’s DBA’s Logo, Brand Colours (Black, red, and Gold), Audio, and overall visual identity. This ensured that we created an advert that was distinctive to the brand. By featuring relatable protagonists—such as chefs, fashion designers, and DJs—we ignited a flame of inspiration that transcended the screen, inviting viewers to join "The ABC Movement."

Despite Cambodia's inclination towards traditional touchpoints, we adopted a digital-first strategy to cater to the tech-savvy new audience. Overcoming logistical constraints, we leveraged digital platforms to amplify our message and spark conversations beyond the campaign's confines.

Our strategy and execution centered on authentic storytelling, deep consumer understanding, Distinctiveness, and digital innovation, culminating in a campaign that not only captured hearts but also ignited a movement towards shared success and empowerment in Cambodia's evolving consumer landscape.


Through a captivating TVC and innovative six-second side quests, we curated an immersive storytelling journey for the ABC brand, fostering a deep connection across all generations in Cambodia. This not only reinstates ABC's aspirational appeal but solidifies its status as the new culturally resonant symbol of success. The definition of success now becomes an open canvas for exploration by all, creating a universally desirable brand.

Our large-scale TVC, strategically segmented into versatile digital narratives, builds long-term memory structures that help ABC remain top of mind for current and future audiences.

Marked by an overwhelming 96%* affirmation for ad distinctiveness and a robust 3.1pt** average ad recall lift, the 0.3%*** growth in brand power is a testament to the campaign's impact, establishing ABC as a memorable and meaningful brand for both current and future audiences.

Delving deeper into the data (HEINEKEN Cambodia data), a 1.6pt** lift in message association among the 18-34 age group highlights the campaign's capacity to capture the younger audience's attention, while a 1.9pt lift among the 35-65 age group showcases the campaign's versatility in bridging generational gaps. The notable 3.6pt uplift among women aged 35-44 further accentuates its ability to resonate with diverse demographics. Overall, our 3.1pt average lift in ad recall across both age segments not only affirms engagement but stresses a lasting imprint on the audience's memory—a testament to the campaign's effectiveness.


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Elmwood, HEINEKEN Cambodia, ABC Beer


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